Greece hosts first Surf Judging and Instructing Courses

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In the third week of April, the International Surfing Association and the Greek surfing community came together to conduct an intensive week-long course for fifteen surfers who attended the first ISA Judging Course ever organized in Greece.

Greek JudgesThe whole crew out in Greece standing proud and excited, slightly relieved, after the long week of courses.

Arriving at a different surfing locale whose name evokes epic feats, demigods and mythical warriors, the participants attended the course in Athens organized by Greek ISA Presenter Stefan Aslanidis. The course was also presented by Italian ISA Presenter, Alessandro Dini.

Most of the participants also attended the other two ISA Courses organized in this intense week, a SUP Flat Water course and a Level 1 Instructing Course, also presented by both Stefan Aslanidis and Alessandro Dini .

Overall, the completion of these three courses is a step forward for the Greek surfing community and another milestone towards a better surfing future.

ExerciseThe participants put in hard work to receive their ISA certification.

AlessandroItalian ISA Presenter Alessandro Dini was a key player in making these courses in Greece happen. With his knowledge and expertise, these participants received some top-notch advice along with their course training.