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Photos by Ernesto Borges @Ephcto / @FunProSurf

Since 2013, the Zona Radical Surf & SUP Camps and SUP Venezuela schools, together with the Fundación Pro Surf, organizations approved by the Venezuelan Surfing Federation (FVS), have been advancing the FLUIR Project, a social responsibility initiative comprising life coaching, surfing and stand up paddle boarding activities aimed to people with disabilities, to increase integration and motivation.


As part of this project, in January 24, 2014, the call center agents of a prestigious multinational company located in Venezuela (an in-house call center staffed entirely by people with physical disabilities) had the chance to live this experience together with a staff of certified ISA instructors under the supervision of Gerhard Weilheim, Venezuela´s ISA Head Coach.  On a paradisiacal beach on the northeast coast, both CC agents and instructors defied physical and mental barriers, got rid of labels and overcame stereotypes, proving that it is possible to rise above challenges and stand up when you believe in yourself, regardless of your limitations.


However, beyond teaching a sport and its obvious benefits, the FLUIR SUP & Surf Xperience became an activity providing priceless life lessons, such as the importance of understanding that there should be no room for a no in your life, but rather be creative and proactive when searching for solutions and achieving goals. All of this was made possible by engaging an extraordinary human capital committed to a common purpose and fueled by strong skills, great work ethic and a big heart.


The values that the FLUIR Project wants to promote are summed up in its initials: Focus, Leadership, Unity, Intelligence (both emotional and intellectual) and Responsibility (social and personal). The Project is also a starting point to keep bringing positive, inspiring and motivating messages through conferences, workshops and outdoor activities combining life coaching and managed risk sports. These well planned activities are intended to help participants go through a process of changing their thinking patterns, involving three fundamental elements: the group´s social interaction, the group´s interaction with their surrounding environment, and ultimately their internal transmutation, enabling them to explore the world of the possible in a fun, spontaneous and fluid way, as if they were children again.

Crazy people open the roads that later the wise walk on  

Carlo Dossi

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