Italian Surfing Federation Holds ISA Flat Water SUP Course in Forte dei Marmi, Italy

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The Federazione Italiana Surfing, the National Federation for Surfing and SUP in Italy, Hosted its first ISA Flat Water SUP Course of the year in Forte dei Marmi, Italy over the weekend. Despite unseasonably cold weather for the Tuscany region of Italy, the course was successfully completed with 16 participants.

As the international federation, recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the sport of Surfing, SUP, and all other wave riding activities, the ISA proudly presents the proper development pathway for Educational Programs in the sport of Surfing and SUP. Each of these Italian SUP instructors will receive an internationally recognized ISA Flat Water SUP certification which will allow them to instruct SUP at the ISA standard of safety and quality.

Alessandro Dini, the official ISA/FISURF course presenter for Italy, was in charge of running the course. The next ISA course in Italy will be Surf Level 1 and take place on March 28 & 29, 2015, also in Forte dei Marmi Italy. To see the full ISA course schedule please view the ISA course schedule here.

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