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Candidate to organize the first ever European Stand Up Paddle Championships, the coastal resort of Lacanau (Gironde) is set to hold the Lacanau Oxbow EuroSup 2016, from June 18th to 24th, across both its ocean and lake.

The latest addition to the family of boardsports now has a continental meeting to call its own which will see the best European surfers and racers take to Lacanau’s waters next month.
After several months’ work to draw up an appropriate set of specifications and regulations, the European Surfing Federation (ESF) selected the application of the French Surfing Federation (FFS) for the organisation of the first edition. The FFS then called for proposals for the organisation of the event.

Around 20 regions came forward
Lacanau Surf Club, previous organiser of the French Championships in 2009 and of Eurosurf Junior in 2012, was then selected for this most prestigious event. The FFS welcomes this choice, which will guarantee the level professionalism required in the running of such an event.
The Lacanau Oxbow EuroSup 2016 will bring together around 20 countries, most notable among which are Spain, Portugal, The United Kingdom, Italy, Denmark, Germany, the Netherlands, Croatia…
The competition will follow the same format as the World Championships held by the International Surfing Association (ISA), all tailored for the European setting. In line with ESF regulations the EuroSup races will exclusively adopt the 12’6 format.

Six competitors are to be selected per nation
Specifically : an Sup surf event; the Sup race events : a long distance and technical race. The competition is exclusively open to national teams. One team and six individual European titles will be awarded. Countries will be able to take six (6) athletes, 2 men and 1 lady for Sup surf; 2 men and 1 lady for the Sup long distance race (16 km) and the technical race (7.5 km course with a transition from the water to the land).

Long distance ocean event
The Sup surf competition will be held on the ocean waves of Lacanau. The Technical race competition will also be held on the ocean waves of Lacanau, barring unfavourable conditions; in which case it will be moved to the waters of Moutchic lake. The Sup long distance race will preferably take place at sea but could be moved to Moutchic lakeo to if conditions require it.

A Mass-Start for all competitors
One event scheduled for EuroSup is the Mass-Start Pro-Am : The Lacanau Oxbow SUP Challenge, which it is hoped will become a regular feature of the French SUP circuit.  With prize money of €2000 and featuring on the 2016 Oxbow SUP Challenge tour (4 to 5 stops). Participation on 12’6 or 14’ is optional but only competitors on 12’6 are eligible for prize money. Event organisers are expecting over 200 participants on saturday, with professionals and amateurs of all backgrounds rubbing shoulders in a sports event that anyone can take on at their own pace. This event is held in association with « Sport Santé » (Sport Health), who promote regular physical activity as a means of combating illness and staying youthful.

Schedule (unofficial)
Saturday 18th
10h – 11h : opening ceremony
11h – 12h : sand ceremony
13h – 14h : Challenge Junior
14h – 16h : Oxbow Lacanau SUP Challenge Pro/Am

Sunday 19th
10h – 18h : Oxbow Lacanau “Super dady” 2016
14h – 16h : Challenge Inter-Entreprises

Monday 20th
9h – 18h : Euro Sup Surf
11h – 15h : Euro Sup Technical Race

Tuesday 21st
9h – 18h : Euro Sup Surf

Wednesday 22nd
9h – 18h : Euro Sup Surf
11h – 14h : Euro Sup Longue Distance

Thursday 23rd
9h – 15h : Euro Sup Surf
15h – 16h : Remise des prix