Official Course Organizers & Presenters

In alphabetical order by Region:


Australia and Australasia


Name: Glen Elliott

Nationality: Australian

Email Address: glenelliott@isasurf.org

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Name: Elvis Carter

Nationality: Barbadian

Email Address: trot@caribsurf.com

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Name: Jordao Bailo Junior

Nationality: Brazilian

Email Address: jordaobjr@hotmail.com

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Costa Rica


Name: Gustavo Corrales

Nationality: Costarrican

Email Address: aloha_jaco@yahoo.com.mx

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Great Britain


Name: Bob Freshwater

Nationality: British

Email Address: RFresh1030@aol.com

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Name: Ester Spears

Nationality: English

Email Address: extpix@aol.com

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Name: Hiro Takahashi

Nationality: Japanese

Email Address: hiro@isjsurf.org

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New Zealand


Name: Lee Ryan

Nationality: British, raised in South Africa, New Zealand permanent resident

Email Address: lee.ryan@surfingnz.co.nz

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Name: Ness De Icaza

Nationality: Panamanian

Email Address: nessdeicaza@cwpanama.net

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Name: Gaetano “Nino” Lauro

Nationality: Peruvian

Email Address: ninolauroperu@gmail.com

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Puerto Rico


Name: Ernesto Alvarez

Nationality: Puertorrican

Email Address:

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South Africa


Name: Cyril Nel

Nationality: South African

Email Address: cyrilnel@global.co.za

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United States


Name: Erik Krammer

Nationality: American

Email Address: erikkrammer@surfingamerica.org

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Cristian Peterson

Country: Argentina

Profile Q&A:

Glen Elliott

Country: Australia

Profile Q&A:

Australia and Australasia

Surfing for 35 years and Judging for at least 25 years.

Judging was a natural choice for me, it was a way for me to give back and stay involved with the sport and lifestyle that is such a big part of my life. Being a judge involves a high level of passion and commitment and a belief, that reflects the true values of being a good person – honesty, integrity and tolerance.

15 years ago I realised that there were no development programs of any quality, anywhere. I wanted to create a global judging development program and a network which would reflect the quality and credibility of what is truly needed in judging and at every surfing contest in every country. I know that I cannot do this alone and being involved with the ISA and with the global network of like minded friends and judges we will all achieve this goal together.

Palm Beach, Currumbin Alley Point and Angourie Point.

I love playing golf with my mates, cooking and hanging out with friends and family.

Get involved! Our sport needs teachers and mentors in every aspect, take some responsibility and leave a legacy for the benefit of the future of surfing in your country.

Elvis Carter

Country: Barbados

Profile Q&A:

The Caribbean region: Jamaica, Trinidad & Tobago and Barbados.

38 years surfing & 23 years judging.

For the love of the sport.

To continue to educate by presenting the ISA Judging & Officiating Courses.

Soup Bowl, Barbados.

My work is my other hobby. I am a boat captain, and I sail a luxury catamaran along the west coast of Barbados.

I love what the ISA is doing and will continue to work with them towards a better surfing future.

Jordao Bailo Junior

Country: Brazil

Profile Q&A:

Brazil and other Portuguese speaking Countries.

Surfing for 40 years and Judging for 28 years.

I decided to become a surfing judge even before I started competing (two times amateur state champion), as I used to spend most of my time at the beach just watching the surf and commenting to my friends about the performance of the other surfers. Of course, in order to become a Judge of any sport you have to have a sense of justice and honesty among other qualities. When I realized I already possessed the basic principles to help the sport I love grow, I decided to immerse myself into one of the hardest professions of any sport, to be a judge, and a good one.

I have many goals, one of which is to help surfing judges all over the world to be recognized by their governments as professionals and thus reaping the benefits of this. The other is to participate in the Olympic Games representing my sport. That’s why I fully support the work that’s been done by the ISA; my biggest goal is to see it happen, and I would like to promote this all around the world. I know too that it cannot be done individually, and paraphrasing Glen Elliot (ISA Judging and Officiating Coordinator), being involved with the ISA and their global network of like minded people will help us to achieve this goal faster.

Praia da Joaquina (BRA), Wilderness (PR), Puerto Viejo (PE)

Like any other Brazilian, I play soccer, but traveling and meeting people is my real hobby and passion. I love this almost as much as hanging out with the family.

The common element of every successful sport has been to develop a strong and organized judging program. Now it’s time for Surfing to take its place on the global sporting stage. The ISA works to ensure that surfers can stand next to the most respected organized sports in the world. Be a part of it!!!

Barbie Mayor

Country: Canada

Profile Q&A:

Dan Tarnow

Country: Canada

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To continue the next generation of officials while still being able to learn from the old boys

To keep respect to traditional surfing while incorporating progressive modern surfing


Hunting Spearfishing Outdoor adventures

Encourage competitors to take the course to help give them a better understanding of how judges see and break down waves

Alejandro Sánchez

Country: Chile

Profile Q&A:


30 years of surfing 15 years of judging

Because i love the sport and fair play

improve in every contest and support all the crew

La Cúpula, Antofagasta (Left) La Punta, Iquique (Right) Las Machas, Arica (Beach Breaks)


Respect my masters and judging teachers

Byron Yagual De La Rosa

Country: Ecuador

Profile Q&A:

Bruno Truch

Country: France

Profile Q&A:

Bob Freshwater

Country: Great Britain

Profile Q&A:

Europe / Great Britain

40+ years surfing and 7 years judging.

I began my professional career as a PE teacher and I have been involved in ‘judging’ sports for many years. I started with the floor and vault disciplines in gymnastics for both men and women which lasted for 10 years. My passion for surfing has continued from the time I caught my first wave at the age of eight and remains a major part of my family lifestyle. A desire to remain involved with the sport at the top level led me to the judging chair.

?I wish to be involved with an organization that continues to raise the standards of officiating in the UK and enable all judges to develop their skills and progress from local club contests to national pro/am events. I wish to be involved in the development of competitive surfing at the progressive edge of the sport as limits are pushed and boundaries demolished.

Some of the Moroccan Point Breaks, Bali, Indonesia and Saunton, North Devon,UK.

Rugby Football, travelling, music and walking my dogs.

Jay Kohn

Country: Israel

Profile Q&A:

I would like to become a presenter for Europe and the Middle East. I have just returned from a surfing competition in Greece and the NF president expressed that they needed help with this. Here in Israel I am training new judges and would like to be able to make it official. There is no reason i could not do this in other countries as well. I am a trained educator and have been teaching for 20 years.

I grew up in the east coast of Florida in Brevard County. I started surfing in 1974. I've been surfing for 44 years. In Florida, I surfed in ESA from 1976-1979 competing and losing against the likes of Matt Kechele, Johnny Futch, Pat Mulhern and Charlie Kuhn. I then attended the University of Florida where I surfed on the surf team in NSSA events for two years. I did well but was never a good enough amateur to go pro. I've been an avid surfer since and have always followed the pro tour. In 2007 I moved to Israel to learn more about my Jewish heritage and received a Masters Degree in Middle East Studies. In Israel I have been judging for 10 years and am very Involved with the Israeli Surfing Association. Always passionate about the sport, I was asked to judge by former 6 time Israeli women's surfing champion Maya Dauber. Since 2007 I have judged numerous events and have well over 300 documented hours of judging experience. I have been the Beach Marshal for the WSL/WQS Netanya Seat Pro, because of my language skills, for the last 3 years. During these events I have also spent time in the judges booth with Mikel Zalakain and crew.

I love surfing and am inspired by competitive surfing because it's fun and it always motivates me to improve personally with my own surfing. As a child and young man i really enjoyed competing and now that I'm older I think it's still fun to be in this atmosphere and pass on this feeling. Plus judging is very important and there is always something to learn and contribute so that events will be judged fairly and the vibe will be good.

My goals in judging is to make being a judge as part of my career path. I've encountered many inconsistencies and situations when the judging criteria weren't followed and contest which should still be enjoyable were ruined. The judging situation is very important and when we do a better job then everybody can surf their best and not worry about getting scored wrong. Hopefully that's the path.

My favorite surf breaks that I have surfed: Sebastian Inlet Florida, Hull Bay and Bottany Bay St Thomas; Little apple and Cane Garden Bay, Tortola; Marias Rincon, PR. Puerto Escondido, Mexico. Hermosa Costa Rica, Polihale Kaui; Laniakea, Oahu; S turns and Honolua Bay, Maui. Cokes, Jails and Sultans, Maldives. Soup Bowls Barbados. Peniche. Portugal. Number 1 is Jeffreys Bay where I spent 3 weeks for my 50th. The best!!!

I like writing and hanging out with my children. So my kids hobbies are now my hobbies as well.

Yes, I've noticed that head judges are often too opinionated and dominate/dictate results. Perhaps you could offer a head Judge course. Gustavo Corrales is an excellent presenter and he made this clear that the head judge should be a guide and not a dictator. Unfortunately this happens too often,

Hiro Takahashi

Country: Japan

Profile Q&A:

David Hernandez

Country: Mexico

Profile Q&A:


30 años de surfear 17 años de juecear 30 years surfing 17 years judging

A principios de los años 90´s organizamos el primer torneo de surf en cancun necesitabamos. JUECES asi que investigamos, nos informamos, preparamos y empezamos a juecear. In the early 90's we organized the first surfing contest in cancun we needed judges for that porpuses, so we investigated, we learn, prepare and started working in that matter.

Aportar los conocimientos y ejecutar el criterio de jueceo al pie de la letra para mejorar el surfing competitivo mexicano, hacer de esto una profecion, disfrutar todas las finales de todos los torneos de surf en todo MEXICO con los colegas, amigos y hermanos. Provide knowledge and execute the judging criteria by the book to improve Mexican competitive surfing, making this a proffesion and enjoy all the finals of all tournaments in MEXICO surounded with colleagues, friends and brothers.

Playa delfines (el mirador) cancun mexico

Lectura que aporte conocimiento interior

ISA tiene que ofrecer un procedimiento para que en un futuro los jueces y oficiales certificados puedan practicar y juecear en los eventos de isa esto seria muy motivante y daria reconocimiento al esfuerzo e interes por ser mejores jueces y oficiales de surf. buenas olas hermanos aloha ISA must provide a procedure for futur, were certifide judges and officials could to practice in ISA events. This would be very motivating and would give recognition to the effort and interest of mexican judges in order to have better judges and officers in surfing. good waves aloha brothers

Lee Ryan

Country: New Zealand

Profile Q&A:

New Zealand

28 years surfing, 19 years judging.

Originally qualified whilst competing on the ASP WLT to learn the criteria, now I want to use my experience to ensure we get the right result and the best surfer of the day wins the event.

To become a respected judge on the world circuit.

Telos Islands, Indonesia.

Snowboarding, fishing, squash, travel and beer tasting.

Lee worked as a Trainer/Assessor for the British Surfing Association delivering coaching accreditation courses before moving to New Zealand in 2006. He ran a very successful one to one coaching business in the UK and has written an instructional book on longboard surfing –“A Shortcut to Longboarding.” He now passes on his vast experience through his work as the Development Manager for Surfing NZ. Lee has been surfing for 28 years and has numerous titles to his name including 9 British National Longboard titles. Although equally comfortable riding both short and longboards he concentrated on competing on the ASP World Longboard Tour (WLT) for the last 12 years, finishing 9th at the Oxbow World Longboard Champs in Raglan in 2004. He has now hung up his contest singlet and concentrates on the officiating side of the sport. Lee is the head Judge for the majority of events in NZ including the popular Hyundai Pro Longboard Tour. He has also judged the ISA World Games at Piha, NZ in 2010 as well as a number of ASP events including the 2009 World Longboarding Championships in the Maldives, the 2010 Pro Junior in Tahiti and the 2010 Women’s World Tour event in Tarankai.

Raúl Stanford

Country: Panama

Profile Q&A:

Panamá city and States.

20 Years

Beacause I liked and Love Judge and Surf

My Goal is having more certified Judges in Panamá, to have best surfing.

Playa Venao and Playa Teta

Fishing and Travel

I have all the experience and knowledge, and I have worked many years with the ISA and have been assistant Ness Icaza in previous courses.

Ness De Icaza

Country: Panama

Profile Q&A:

Panama, Republic of Panama

I have been surfing for 27 years and judging and officiating for the last 17 years.

As a Law student first then as a Lawyer I've always been linked to the rules and procedure that govern the different aspects of our lives, so you could say it was natural. But, on the other hand, despite of my passion for surfing, I had never truly dedicated the time needed to stand out in the competitive area, so I thought that in the technical area as judge it would be the best way of being kept involved with the sport, and it was.

Our goal is to learn everything about the best technics in international judging and officiating and being a multiplier factor to all of our Panamanian brothers and sister in surf (kids, competitors, managers, parents, authorities, etc.)

Venao Beach, (I grow my surfing skills there) and Teta Point, both in Panama.

Informal circles of discussion (politics, laws, sports, philosophy, doctrine, etc.), and hanging out with my family and friends.

WORK TOGETHER AS A FUNCTIONAL FAMILY! That’s the key factor. If you can project harmony to the others, you will manage to stimulate and fill them with enthusiasm to be part of it.

Gaetano "Nino" Lauro

Country: Peru

Profile Q&A:

Peru – Latin America

I have been surfing for the last 39 years and judging for the last 20 years.

I had like two starts; the first one was approximately in 1979 because my university in Peru needed volunteers to work as judges in an internal event. I did not have a clue of what judging was. The second one was approximately in 1990 when I went back to Italy. I was one of the “oldest” surfers in Italy and the local association asked me to help as a judge in the local contests. I started and afterwards I went to the ISA WORLD SURFING GAMES in France in 1992 as the Italian Team Judge. While there, I took my first judging course, I loved the feeling of the event and the work itself and I never stopped. Approximately 9 years ago, after working for 14 years in the automotive industry and 12 years in the clothing surfing industry, I lost my job and at 46 it is very difficult to find another position. I talked with a specialized advisor and he told me to look at the abilities that are very specific to my knowledge. I realized that the world is full of lawyers, accountants’ engineers, but there are not really many surfing judges around the world. I became a full time professional judge and this allowed me to afford my family expenses during the last 8 years. I think that having acquired the judging skills years before was a gift of God.

I have been devoted during the last 16 years preparing new judges and officials in Peru and all around Latin America. I am very proud to have motivated officials and federations to give the importance that this job deserves in countries such as Panama, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, El Salvador, and Guatemala among others. This job makes me feel good and useful, and furthermore, the fact of being surrounded by people in the open nature of many wild beaches all around the world keeps me alive. My goal is to continue making and promoting judging as many years as I can.

Right now, my favorite breaks are Lobitos and Puerto Viejo in Peru and Malibu in Panama. For many years were Punta Rocas, Peñascal and Cabo Blanco in Peru.

I like reading and watching movies in the company of my wife and daughters.

Being a surfing official does not make you popular among people, but can help kids of all conditions to find their way in life as good men. If you like challenges such as riding big waves or making strong vertical maneuvers, maybe you can find a whole life in this challenging activity.

Nino Lauro

Country: Peru

Profile Q&A:

Peru / Latin America

I have been surfing for the last 41 years, judging for the last 23 years, Head Judging for the last 17 years.

I started in Italy. I went there to work and I was one of the oldest surfers there. They asked me to judge a contest, after I run a course at an ISA World Event and I never stopped.

Continue preparing new judges, Head Judges and Contest Directors in Latin America for many years more.

At the moment Lobitos and Puerto Viejo. For many years before Punta Rocas.


Judging surfing contest is always a challenge and you neves knows wnen could be a very useful job for you.

Cyril Nel

Country: South Africa

Profile Q&A:

South Africa

I started surfing in 1971. I also competed in several National surfing champs. I became involved with judging in 1975, but became very committed since 1997.


To identify and develop judges who show a passion and commitment to judging. To make our sport of surfing to be world class.



All ISA Members should insist that all surfing judges are ISA accredited. Every Member should buy into this Program, this will contribute to our sport being world class.

Antonio Obenza

Country: Spain

Profile Q&A:


Around 30 years surfing and judging oficially since 1995

I love this game

Work with the best

My home, Doniños


Manuel Mendoza

Country: Switzerland

Profile Q&A:


I have been surfing since I was a child(around 30 years) and became a judge in my country in 2000.

I have been passionate about surfing since I was a child and have been active in the surfing world professionally from an early age, first as a seller of surf articles, then with the founding of my own surf brand (first for surfboard bags) as a surf instructor, until I founded my own surf school in 2006. Besides surfing and teaching, I also became interested in judging at an early age and completed my first course in 2001. I was fascinated by analyzing the surfers and evaluating the performance under different wave conditions. Another reason for me to become a judge was the possibility to contribute to the growing professionalism of surfers and the surf sport as a whole. It has also incited me to be given the opportunity to lead a whole competition as chief judge and to work together with professional judges.

For me, my goals in respect to judging are multiple. Firstly, I want to develop personally and professionally as a judge. This, based on a good level of criteria, current knowledge and extensive experience. Secondly, I want to actively contribute to the success and practice of the surf sport. Thirdly, I want to pass on my knowledge to new generations in order to contribute to the development and expansion of surfing, especially in Switzerland, my current country of residence. Switzerland, a landlocked country with little professional surfing training, is in the process of being recognised by Swiss Olympic. The Swiss Surf Association (SSA) is now also working on a program to promote young surfers and to take care of the training of surf instructors and judges. My goal is to support the SSA in its efforts to train its own team of judges to be able to conduct national events professionally. I am sure that with my extensive experience as a surfer, surf instructor and judge I can make a considerable contribution to it.

my favorite surf spots are : Chicama,Puerto viejo La Herradura y Lobitos (Peru) Goofy

yes, Photography and video with drone

Yes, of course, I believe that every person who achieves an apprenticeship should in a moment pass it on to the new generations, then we will have better professionals, better surfers, better judges. To a better future.

Mal Gregson

Country: Thailand

Profile Q&A:

Thailand, Maldives, Sri Lanka

I have been surfing 50 years and been involved in Surf Administration since 1971

I am a level one and two surf coach

I would like to bring high level expertise to surfers around the world.

The Mentawais

For me it's surf only.

Andy Joyce

Country: United Kingdom

Profile Q&A:


Been surfing for 37 years and judging for 13.

To help out in local comps and then to help develop the sport on a wider level.

Getting development level athletes and event staff to understand the rules and criteria of judging and officiating, so they can develop their work and surfing along those lines to prepare them better for the future. Also judge the Olympics and/or elite international events!

Raglan, Tea Trees, Thurso, Unstad, lotsa Indo.

SUP, 3D design and art, Hiking, Mountain biking and skating

Have we got any judging hours log books? Noticed that we don't have one in the course materials even though it's implied that Judges should have access to one.

Ester Spearse

Country: United Kingdom

Profile Q&A:


I’ve been surfing since 1976 and judging since 1988.

To develop the sport.

To ensure the athletes get the right scores.

Thurso, Anchor and Coombesgate

Cooking and fishing.

Craig Burrows

Country: United Kingdom

Profile Q&A:

Wales and the United Kingdom

I have surfed since i was 6 years old and still compete in my national compertion every year i have been a judge for 6 years

I wanted to give something back to a sport i love and pass on my experiences to the next generation of surfers.

To judge an ISA world event!

D-bah gold coast My home break Caswell Bay Gower wales

i love to read and i am a qualified chef, So i love to cook!

Craig Burrows

Country: United Kingdom

Profile Q&A:

United kingdom and Wales

30 years + surfing, I have surfed since I was 6 years old Judging 5 years +

to put something back into a sport i love

Isa world games judge

D-bah Australia my home break caswell bay in Gower,Wales Canal, algave, portugal

Reading and play the ukulele

Trying to write a judging criteria for wave gardens

Rich Pierce

Country: United States

Profile Q&A:

Russell Lewis

Country: United States

Profile Q&A:


Being Surfing for 50years Being judging for 45 years

Natural progression in Australia is to start judging at club level in sharing responsibility to your club. Then judging in regionals, then States & Nationals. Also as a competitor judging heats helps you understand what judges are looking for. Then as a accreditated coach judging is a necessary component to help your surfers understand the system.

Would like to present judging courses in places where they have not previous accredited judges eg Canada

Hanalei bay Dee Why point Burleigh Heads Bells Angourie Rincon

No I have designed & shaped surfboards for 41 years

Encouraging coutries or regions that don't have accreditated Judges & Coaches with the ISA to get on board by marketing these courses

Erik Krammer

Country: United States

Profile Q&A:

United States

Surfing for 32 years and Judging for 18 years.

Evolution from being a competitor, wanting better judging for the competitors, guaranteed paycheck at the end of the event, and desire to travel.

Continue to evolve with the sport, give my best to the competitors and judges.

Jeffrey’s Bay, Red Bluff, and home in Oceanside and Saquarema.


Fluent in English and Portuguese, Permanent Resident of Brazil, Retired after 14 years with ASP WCT/WQS

Ronald Golindano

Country: Venezuela

Profile Q&A:

Antonio Sotillo

Country: Venezuela

Profile Q&A:

Colombia y Venezuela

Surfing for 37 years, Judging for 30 years

Originally because as a competitor it was important to know the rules well and also to know the difficulty of judging 4 people at a time. This knowledge is basic for any area of the sport that you develop, you are a competitor or judge or coach

Be fair and allow the best advance or win a heat. A good judge is the greatest asset of a competition

Rocky Point, Puerto Cruz, Los Caracas, Patanemo, Los Roques, Chaguarama de Sotillo, Cuyagua (Venezuela) Punta Rocas, Puerto Azul, Lobitos, Señoritas, Pacasmayo (Peru) Montañitas, Las Fae, San Lorenzo, Mompiche (Ecuador) Punta Lobos, Maitencillo (Chile) Nuqui, Tairona (Colombia) Corto Circuito, Venao, Tetas, Chame (Panama) La Barra (Uruguay) Barra Da Tijuca (Brasil) Playa Grande, Miramar (Argentina) La Curva, Roca Bruja (Costa Rica) Punta Rocas, Las Flores (El Salvador) Machucas, Tres Palmas, (Puerto Rico) Encuentro (Republica Dominicana)

Volleyball, Futball Soccer, Music

I think that basically continue with this important educational work, I think you have to be more aggressive to bring this program to all the most remote places on earth where you surf