Official Course Organizers & Presenters

(Coaching & Instructing)

Roberto Gonzalez Niesl

Country: Argentina

Profile Q&A:

Argentina, South America

Surf 40 years Coaching 11 years. Miembro del Consejo Ejecutivo del Comité Olímpico Argentino

Make a better future for surf and his people Hacer un futuro mejor para nuestro deporte y su gente

Sorake Beach Nias, Jefrreys Bay, Sunset Beach, La Paloma Arg.


Ruben Muniz

Country: Argentina

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Adrian Sorati

Country: Australia

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David Lammin

Country: Australia

Profile Q&A:


Surfing for 37 years and coaching for 18 years.

My primary motivator was to give back to the sport that has given me so much over the years. Having the unique opportunity to share my skills, knowledge and experiences with others and helping to bring out an individual’s strengths, continues to inspire me to coach. In the beginning, I wanted to share my inspiration for surfing with young children wanting to 'learn to surf'. After opening and running my own Surfing Australia Surf School for over 10 years coupled with regular periods of surf coaching and guiding in various locations overseas, my interest in teaching surfing grew to encompass people of all ages and ability levels. Today, I am an ISA and Surfing Australia Official Course Presenter for Surf and SUP Instructing Courses. I hold a Graduate Diploma (International Sport Management), Bachelor of Arts (Recreation Management), ISA and Surfing Australia Level 2 Surf and SUP Coaching accreditations and Certificate IV Training & Assessing. As an official ISA Course Presenter for Surf, SUP and Water Safety I am very proud to continue to share my knowledge, skills and most of all my passion for surfing, under the ISA flag.

My favourite local breaks include Wurtulla, Shelly Beach and Caloundra Bar. Overseas, I would have to say Salani Rights (Samoa), the many secret spots around West Papua, Chickens and Jailbreaks (North Male Atoll, Maldives) and Popoyo (Nicaragua).

I really enjoy spending time on my SUP and travelling to remote ‘out of the way’ locations to camp (and surf). Quality time with family and friends is also very important to me.

Mal Gregson

Country: Australia

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Johnny Nesslinger

Country: Austria

Profile Q&A:

22 years surfing and 15 years surf coaching

Do what you love, love what you do. My mission is to enable our students to learn how to surf (or how to teach surfing) in a safe, fun and fast way with a second focus on communicating a feeling for the world we live in regarding environmental awareness:

Always the one I am surfing right in the moment, every spot has its own magic.

All kinds of sports, outdoor & survival, reading, environmental, social and political awareness

Peter Bartl

Country: Austria

Profile Q&A:

Austria, Germany

Surfing for 23 years, coaching for 15 years, and Stand Up Paddling for 6 years

Because I have the possibilities to and I like to help people with aims and goals.

SUP spots are Mallorca, Austrian Rivers and Croatian Adriatic Sea

cycling, snowboarding, windsurfing, surfing

Tom Soupart

Country: Belgium

Profile Q&A:


surfing 20 years coaching 8 years

for the love of teaching and making the sport professional

cloud 9, pacifico Siargao Philippines

wakeboarding, kitesurfing, stand up paddle, yoga


Country: Brazil

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Roberto Moretto

Country: Brazil

Profile Q&A:

Hi my name is Roberto Moretto I'm From Italy and now reside in Brasil.I'm an ISA Presenters for Surf Level 1 and SUP courses in Brazil I'm the owner of a surf camp and school in brasil the surf and sup camp pipa and a social project with surf and sup with more then 50 child under 18 years old , envolving competition and culture . im 41 years old im surf with surf board and stand up paddle i was organize in Praia da Pipa 2 courses from ISA , one for instructor with Marcos Conde and 1 for judge with Jordao Bailo I would love organize and present more courses in Brasil or other place in south america for SUP and Surfing . im competing in SUP wave in Brasil so i can teach advanced level too and im involved like coach with few surfers in the region in Pro and amatorial competition i speak spanish - portuguese . italian - english

Surfing with surf board from near 18 years. SUP for 8 years. I started coaching 9 years ago in the canary islands, Spain and Italy

I love teaching people i like to see the surf evolving of my student so i study new technics of teaching and i like to use video analyze and compare with other video . i think the theory is very important for all level of coaching and surfers and functional training too . if you want to be a good coach you have to open your mind and listen what your student need and study how to give to each different people the better teaching and mental approach

my home town break in Brasil ... Lajao .. fast wave on reef Travel wave Maui and a secret break in Lombok

i like training functional, biking, swimming, and video and photo editing

Janna Van Hoof

Country: Canada

Profile Q&A:

Canada & Ecuador

I have been surfing over 10 years, teaching SUP since 2009 and coaching SUP surfing and race since 2011. My summers are spent teaching on Lake Ontario at and winters teaching in Ecuador.

Coaching became a natural progression as I got more people into the sport. I love getting people on the water. I secretly teach SUP to get people into surfing, building confidence and comfort on the water and in the waves. I enjoy working with the National SUP teams in Ecuador and Canada, attending contests, and helping grow ISA certifications (the best!).

Home breaks for me are Ashbridges Bay in Toronto and Canoa in Ecuador. I also still love Hookipa in Maui- I had one of my best waves ever there!

Making vegan food and working on projects that open minds & heal hearts.

Kieran O'Connell

Country: Canada

Profile Q&A:

Tofino, British Columbia, Canada.

My passion for surfing started 12 years ago. Since then it has been the driving focus in my life. It has lead me on many travels to many different countries including. I enjoy surfing any type of waves weather that be a heavy beach break or mellow peeling point break. My passion for coaching stated about 9 years ago. I was at university where i was taking a BA Undergraduate Degree in Adventure Education. My passion for surfing, mixed with my studies at university on teaching theory and techniques naturally lead onto me helping family and friends improve their own surfing. In 2010 i moved to the west coast of Ireland and began work at Surf School as a Surf Coach. Since then my passion for surfing and coaching has only grown.

As mentioned above, for me, this was a very natural progression. My interest in teaching, adventure education and my passion for surfing naturally mixed, making me want to pass on my passion and knowledge to others. I have worked for a number of different surf schools and companies, gaining a lot of experience from a wide variety of sources.

I don’t have any that particularly stand out, i am generally happy to make the most of what the ocean has on offer.

Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Hiking and Camping. Anything that gets me outdoors really.

Shandy Kariatsumari

Country: Canada

Profile Q&A:


Surfing since 1996-7 Instruction with schools since 1998 Instruction with Lifesaving since 2001

Yes! Art, Healing, Anthroposophy, Homeschooling, Music, Outdoor Education

Shannon Brown

Country: Canada

Profile Q&A:


Surfing since 3 yrs old, 28yrs. Coaching elite surfing for the last 4 years. Instructor for 10 years prior to moving into elite coaching.

My love of surfing and teaching. Ive studied and worked hard to figure out how to improve and continue to improve my surfing. The satisfaction I've felt when I figured things out and the joy i feel surfing with a conscious mind, honed into what i can do on a wave are things i want to pass onto my fellow surfers. Ive learned a lot about technique and how to communicate technique to different individuals and have enjoyed every minute of being an elite surf coach.

No particular favorites. Make the most fun out of whatever break is on offer.

Pretty much any sport and playing music. Stoked to rock out on a guitar if there is one handy

Boris Febre

Country: Chile

Profile Q&A:


Surfista desde el año 1995 hasta la actualidad. Me inicio como coach el año 2014 al formar parte de la Escuela de Surf Maitencillo en donde junto con realizar clases a nivel principiante me hago cargo de la administración del establecimiento hasta el 2018. El 2016 comienzo a colaborar como juez en campeonatos locales de la región, y el 2017 me inicio como coach de surfistas con nivel avanzado. Este mismo año comienzo a participar como colaborador del cuerpo técnico de las selecciones chilenas en categorías Open y Junior, y viajo como coach asistente al Panamericano de Lima 2017. Desde el 2018 hasta la actualidad formo parte como Coach del cuerpo técnico de la Selección Chilena de surf trabajando tanto en la preparación de los atletas como en apoyo técnico en los eventos internacionales. Durante el 2019 ocupo el cargo de Coach del programa juvenil del IND que se ejecuta en viña del mar. I’ve been surfing since 1995 and started coaching in 2014 while working at Maitencillo Surf School, where I taught beginner lessons and formed part of the administration of the school until 2018. In 2016 I began collaborating as a judge for local surfing competitions, and in 2017 I started coaching advanced level surfing. That same year I participated as part of the coaching team for the Chilean Open and Junior surf teams, travelling with them to the 2017 PanAmerican Games in Lima. Since 2018 I have been working as a coach for the Chilean national surf team, in the preparation of the athletes prior to and as technical support during international surfing events. During 2019 I also coached the National Sport Institute (IND) youth surf program in Viña Del Mar.

Mi primera profesión fue Ingeniero Civil Mecánico, labor que desde el 2002 me llevó a desarrollarme en emprendimientos tecnológicos formando empresas y desarrollando proyectos en ciencia e innovación. Si bien hubo importantes logros y la adjudicación de diversos fondos para la implementación de proyectos en esa área, sentía que por esta vía me alejaba cada vez más de mi pasión, el mar y el surf. Así, el 2013 decidí cambiar mi destino, dejando los proyectos y re-direccionando mi camino de vida por uno donde el surf fuera el eje principal. Una vez en éste camino colaborar en la profesionalización del deporte fue mi interés, y el ser coach con su directa relación con los atletas y el entendimiento de la ciencia del deporte, la primera herramienta para lograrlo. As a civil mechanical engineer since 2002 my work in technological entrepreneurship lead me to start a business and develop projects in science and innovation. Despite important achievements and being awarded numerous grants to implement projects in this area, I felt that I was losing touch with my greatest passion, the ocean and surf. In 2013 I decided to change direction, leaving the business and projects behind and concentrating on a new path where surf was at the centre. Collaborating in the professionalization of the sport was my interest, and working as a coach, with its direct contact with the athletes and an understanding of sport science, was the main tool in achieving this.

Point Break: Buchupureo, Chile Beach Break: Reñaca, Chile Reef Break: Portofino, Chile

Desde el 1997 hasta la actualidad practico Hatha Yoga cuya práctica comenzó como herramienta para perfeccionar mi surf. Luego entre el 2003 y 2004 paralelamente al surf me dedique a la escalada deportiva, práctica que suspendí por lesión pero marcó una importante etapa en mi desarrollo deportivo. Dada mi formación de ingeniero sigo liderando proyectos tecnológicos ahora vinculados al surf. Since 1997 I have been practicing Hatha yoga, which started as a tool to perfect my surfing. Between 2003 and 2004 I also dedicated my time to climbing, which I later had to forgo due to an injury but which marked an important stage in my sporting development. As a result of my engineering roots, I continue leading technological projects related to surfing.

Gustavo Corrales

Country: Costa Rica

Profile Q&A:

Costa Rica and Central América

Surfing for 17 years and Judging for at least 8 years.

I know that to develop high surfing levels in my country, much depends on the level of professionalism, ethics, honesty and experience of the judges. I love to be one of those responsible for the high level of surfing in my country and I love to see the surfers who deserve to win, because they surf the best and get the trophy.

Get the maximum level of knowledge and experience to be one of the top head judges and travel around the world doing this. And help the most I can the surf community to grow professionally, in my home Costa Rica and Central America, in all aspects.

Playa Hermosa-Jaco and Playa Negra-Guanacaste.

Michael Lindberg

Country: Denmark

Profile Q&A:


Surfing 5 years, coaching 2 years

I hold a Master Degree in Sports and Health Science and love to teach.

Raglan, NZ Huntington Beach, USA

white water rafting, kayaking, sup white water, swimming, strength training, outdoor activities

George Stoy

Country: England

Profile Q&A:

England - Cornwall

Surfing 28 years Coaching 26 years

I originally fell into coaching as part of a national athlete development/coaching pathway. As I matured in my late 20s and 30s I started doing more participation coaching and less high performance work and discovered the therapeutic benefits of a holistic approach which fitted perfectly with the benefits I was seeing taking people in the ocean and surfing.

As much as I love the challenges of a shifting beach break you can't beat a good point. I've surfed all over the world and ridden some fun and the odd terrifying wave but the favorites are always when there's a great vibe in the water. Home is always home.

Skiing and Surfing are my profession so the work/life/passion lines are intertwined. I have a degree in Anthropology and love traveling to new places and learning different languages and ways of living. To relax I enjoy photography and practice yoga and have a list of books I'll hopefully get around to reading! When I get time I play golf badly but enjoy it.

Björn Mombach

Country: France

Profile Q&A:

I surf since 22 years, and live at the ocean since 13 years. In the first 9 "land locked" years I achived approx. 3 month per year at the surf. Since 17 years I have been surf instructing. Coaching more advanced surfers I started 3 years ogo.

I always had a very conscious and systematic approach to learn movements, especially in surfing. Therefore I enjoy surf instructing/coaching a lot. I also think it is, after having fun, the secret to optimal progress, as surfing is so complex. People say I am born to be a teacher! Well, I have instructed in different fields (always movement orientated), I love it and the feedback is good! I guess it is because I am well organised, systematic, patient, have empathy and I can motivate. Just to mention a few of my traits. So bringing it to the next level and to become a course presenter in my favorite subject would makes sense and me happy. In case, it will be challenging and fun at the same time. I look forward to growing into my new role, share knowledge, exchange experience and help others to become great surf instructors. Let's enjoy the ride.

- French beachies when they are on and fireing - point breaks (left or right it does not matter, just long) like Los Lobos or Pavones, - Not to heavy reefs: like Lakey Peak (go left or go right), Cokes (Maldives) - secret spots with all their magic bucket list: Trestles, J-bay, Mentawais, Chicama...

- Fitness/healthy lifestyle - Snowboarding - cooking

Merlin Schoenthier

Country: Germany

Profile Q&A:

12 Years Surfing. 5 Years Surf Coaching

To share the passion and the amazing feeling that this sport creates

Surf breaks in France and Portgugal and European riverwaves


Peter Müller

Country: Germany

Profile Q&A:

I am surfing since 15 years and coach surf students since 10 years.

Becoming a Surf Coach changed my life. I was able to move to the ocean and learn people how to surf. I wanted to spread the joy of surfing and show my mostly land locked surf students from all over the world how it works. I knew from the beginning, that I made the right decision. I love teaching and the coastal lifestyle. To combine both, is the ultimate goal for me.

Coxos - Ericeira, Portugal ( meanwhile homebreak) Nipussi - Mentawais Any beachbreak, because I just love them

Photography Rockclimbing

Jonas Dickmann

Country: Germany

Profile Q&A:

Germany check Upadtes at

Surfing 20 years / SUP 6 years / Coaching 8 years

come together for surfing and paddlesurfing is a good reason.

the algarve in portugal is one of my favorits.

Taekwondo and Yoga

Hans Van den Broek

Country: Holland

Profile Q&A:

Primarly Holland, but I do ISA judging and officiating courses in Belgium aswell.

surfing for 24 years, coaching for 19 years

It came natural studiying PE. In teaching people surfing found out you can relive the feeling of your own first wave over and over again. There are not many jobs where you make people happy 100% of the time, especially not nowdays, in this corporate world. The slogan of my surfschool is: “feel better go surfing!”, becaus no matter how you feel, you always feel better surfing!

The home spot called "de Noord" where I run a small surfschool as well. In the rest of Europe Mundaka is still number 1. Then worldwide Noosa comes to mind, and Indo off course,

I do a bit of work on old volkswagens en vespa’s. Play a bit of music, and spend the winters abroad surfing with my girlfriend Linde and kids Noosa and Oaken.

Bryan Ng

Country: Hong Kong

Profile Q&A:

Hong Kong

18 years

Sharing the stoke


Sup, Dragon boat, ocean swimming, scuba diving, wakeboarding, kayaking

Jonni Morrison - Deaker

Country: Indonesia

Profile Q&A:


30 years surfing, 10 years SUP'ing and coaching for 19 years

I love to pass on the gift of teaching others to ride a wave

Temples, Green Balls and Sanur

SUP, kite surf, sailing and snowboarding

Jamo Borthwick

Country: International

Profile Q&A: International including Asia, Oceania, Europe and Latin America

I have been surfing since I was little and coaching various sports and fitness since school. I have been coaching beginners through to advanced surfers and paddlers since 2004.

Sport is my life. Surfing, SUP, surf sports, aquatic activities, the ocean and the surf are my passion. I love the opportunity to share my passion of our sports, helping people be the best they can be and to assist them on their way to reaching their potential whether this is as a surfer, an athlete, an instructor or coach

I get excited when I get a chance to get in the water and catch waves, whenever and wherever this may be! You cannot beat an uncrowded wave and I have always been happy to forego some wave quality for less people in the line up!

My life revolves around the ocean and beach, with all surf sports at the top of my list of hobbies. Foiling is one of my top passions at the moment. If I am not on the coast or by the water the only other place I ever want to be is riding lines on a mountain.

Alessandro Dini

Country: International

Profile Q&A:

I live and surf in Viareggio (Italy, Tuscany) where I hold most of the ISA Surf and Sup Courses. Anyway, since 2005, I have organized courses in different area, such as Rome, Sardinia, Riccione, Sicily, Lake of Garda...

I have been one of the first to surf in Mediterraneo, I surf since more than 30 years. I started coaching the Italian Surfing Team in late 80s and became ISA Presenter for Italy in may 2005.

To improve the level of Italian surfing and the number of surfers, throughout qualified ISA's surf instructors.

All the spot in Versilia area (around Viareggio) and Sardinia's point breaks.

Tennis, Photography and writing books (thriller books), music. I also love cooking Italian tasty dishes... and drink tuscany's red wine (Chianti)

Alireza Rostami Ezzat

Country: Iran

Profile Q&A:

Iran, West Asia

2 years

for developing sport in my country

Beach break / point break

Running/karate coaching / fitness

Adi Gluska

Country: Israel

Profile Q&A:

Israel and in the future europe

40 years surfing 28 years coaching

At first it was to pass over to others what I know to do my best and to share what I love - surfing the waves. Later on I realized how amazing it is to do that and at the same time making a decent income by guiding and coaching surfing.

Gnaraloo and Red Bluff - western Australia, now that I am "older" Maldives is great

I practice and instructing sports in general for many years.

Yonatan Hadani

Country: Israel

Profile Q&A:

I would like to have the opportunity to present instructor courses in Israel and Internationally.

I have been surfing 22 years. I have been teaching and coaching for 14 years.

It gives me great pleasure to be able to guide surfers (and ppl in general) to their full potential.

Mexico - Bara e la cruz Nicaragua - Popoyo Costa Rica - Marbella, Pavones Israel - Haifa reef Sri Lanka - Midigama rams

I practice yoga, meditation and capoeira. I play guitar and percussion.

Alessandro Staffa

Country: Italy

Profile Q&A:


Surfing 29 years, Coaching 21 years

I started one of the first surf school in Italy in 1997, then i get Bachelor in Physical Education and Sport Science and my thesis was on surfing methodology and didactics. My Surf Club team get 4 gold medals (longboard men and women, sup wave men and bodyboard women) at the last Italian Surfing Championship held in Sardinia Island in 2017.

Sa Mesa Longa, Capo Mannu and Mini Capo in Sardinia Island. Banzai beach in Rome.

Yoga, longboard skate, painting and photography.

Icah Wilmot

Country: Jamaica

Profile Q&A:

Jamaica. Caribbean

I have been surfing since before I can remember. Maybe 25 years, and have been coaching for about 15 years

To share the sport and help surfers develop to their full potential as well as teaching the correct and safe techniques and principles of surfing

Lighthouse, Iron Pot, Makka, Soupbowl,

Playing music, skateboarding,

Hiro Takahashi

Country: Japan

Profile Q&A:

Girmantas Neniskis

Country: Lithuania

Profile Q&A:

Baltic sea region (Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Russia)

Surfing and windsurfing since 1993 or so. Coaching windsurfing for over 10+ years, kitesurfing for 4 years, surfing for 10+ years.

I have started windsurfing and surfing just a few years after Lithuanian independence from the Soviets, therefore I had to learn everything myself, with the equipment that wasn't fit and so on. Helping others to fast track their development in water sports was a natural instinct and sharing my knowledge became my part time profession. While I am actively involved in surfing development since there was "no surfing in the Baltic sea", I currently see the potential of sport development in the region. There is an actual demand in training new instructors and coaches and therefore building the sports system from the ground up.

I mostly split my time between Baja and Lithuania and I'm not giving away any specifics :))

Filmmaking used to be more than a hobby, before surfing development took over, but I also enjoy other sports, photography, travel.

Dara Ahmed

Country: Maldives

Profile Q&A:


Matt Lindsay

Country: Mexico

Profile Q&A:

Mexico. I also spend allot of time in San Francisco, so if ever you require extra course presenters in this area, I will be happy to do so if it coordinates with my movements.

Surfing 25 years, Coaching 20 years.

Made the decision very young as I was always involved in surfing from a young age, competed, coached as I went through college(Education Degree), and decided I liked the surfing classroom more than the school one. Had a great mentor coach Phil MacNamara from the age of 17years old, and became his assistant for many years which gave me the drive to become an elite-level coach for advanced athletes as well as beginner surfers.

Burleigh Heads, Superbank, Sultans, Jails(Maldives), Macaronis, Lacerations, Shipwreaks(Indonesia).

Golf, travel, most water sports.

Suzanne Vermeer

Country: Netherlands

Profile Q&A:

The Netherlands. Mainly in Scheveningen, but we are start to go more around the Country.

Surfing: 13 years coaching: 9 year

I love sharing my passion with other people and I like to instruct as well. Since 2006 I work as a PE teacher. In 2011 I manage an surfschool

Lower Point, Jeffreys Bay SA Makorori Point, Gisborne NZ Buarcos, PO Cote the basque, FR Fristal Beach, Cornwall, Wales Nahoon Reef, AUS Zandmotor, The Netherlands, NL (home break :) etc etc.

Snowboarding Writing Running or swimming (especially when it's flat for a long time) Read the bible :)

Lee Ryan

Country: New Zealand

Profile Q&A:

Bill Dawes

Country: New Zealand

Profile Q&A:

New Zealand

SUP Since 2006 (8 years). Coaching since 2009 (6 years).

Having taught most other watersports, I find SUP the most enjoyable of all to coach. It reached an entirely new group of people and is incredibly rewarding because clients can learn the basics so quickly, but it is a challenging sport to teach well.

The secret sports in Northland (NZ) that I dare not name!

Freediving, because it's such a "head game". The perfect partner to SUP!

Zano Beck

Country: Norway

Profile Q&A:

Norway, Stavanger

Surfing for 32 years and coaching for abouth 5 years.

To share the joy of surfing

Piggy lesft, and some secret spots i cant name

Snowboard and ski. Diving, SUP

Karin Sierralta

Country: Peru

Profile Q&A:

Peru and Venezuela

Surf 32 Y Coaching 15 Y

Give back to Surfing what surfing has given to me

San Gallan - Perú Punta Roca - El Salvador J-Bay - South Africa Macaronis - Mentawai Lances - Mentawai Lobitos - Perú Pico Alto - Perú Caballeros - Perú

Luke Landrigan

Country: Philippines

Profile Q&A:


26 years surfing and 12 years coaching thru my surf school

After competing around asia region for some time i realize the young kids need a good coaching team behind them to become better atlhetes

Beach breaks back home in La Union and CloudNine in Siargao

Motorbikes and Juijitsu

Ernie Alvarez

Country: Puerto Rico

Profile Q&A:



To elevate the standards and quality of Surfing & SUP instruction and comply with the Law # 8 under the Sports & Recreation Department of Puerto Rico.

Tres Palmas, Rincon; Wilderness, Aguadilla and Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca Mexico

Paddleboarding and re-structuring the Puerto Rico Surfing Federation

Sergey Rasshivaev

Country: Russia

Profile Q&A:


Surfing 10 years, coaching 6 years

For personal progression and for helping develop surf culture in Russia.

Sultans in Maldives, El Barco in Dominican Republic and home break Flotskiy in Saint Petersburg.

Freediving, snowboarding, skiing, yoga, fitness, reading and travels.

Mark Boyd

Country: Scotland

Profile Q&A:


18 years surfing, 15 years coaching

A recommendation by Tim Jones

Thurso-East, Scotland

Skateboarding, snowboarding, golf

Stefan Pfeiller

Country: Sierra Leone

Profile Q&A:

Sierra leone, West Africa

10 years

Since I started Surfing, it was my dream to become a Surf Instructor and to Surf everyday. When I first came to Sierra Leone and worked with the local Surfers, my dream went further to develop Surfing in Africa by holding an ISA Surf Instructor Course in Africa.

Bureh Beach and Turtle Islands; Sierra Leone Okanda; Sri Lanka French Beachbreaks


Andraz Rakuscek

Country: Slovenia

Profile Q&A:


20 surfing and 15 coaching

Share the knowledge of surfing with others.

I like to surf without a wetsuit in the winter so we have to travel to exotic places from Costa Rica to Indonesia, Sri Lanka where are many great breaks. In the summer I surf French and Spanish breaks where I coach.

Besides travelling, surfing and being a husband and dad I enjoy many sports and also in my work. I am a construction engineer.

Robin De Kock

Country: South Africa

Profile Q&A:

Tasha Mentasti

Country: South Africa

Profile Q&A:

South Africa

Surfing - 23 years Surf Coaching - 12 years ISA Course Presenter - 4 years

To spread the stoke of surfing and educate people about the ocean and its hazards

Supertubes, Jeffreys Bay, South Africa New Pier, Durban, South Africa Lower Trestles, CA, USA

Hiking Body Surfing

Roxy Davis

Country: South Africa

Profile Q&A:

South Africa

25 years Surfing ( 9 x South African Surfing Champion) and 18 Years Coaching.

I am passionate about surfing and people. I really enjoy sharing knowledge and creating a learning environment for people to grow and develop their own skills.

I enjoy surfing the point breaks along our east coast. My favorite breaks are Victoria Bay, J- Bay and Seal Point.

I enjoy all water sports, particularly long boarding, short boarding and SUP’ing but anything related to being in the ocean is my first choice!

Christopher Bond

Country: South Africa

Profile Q&A:

South Africa

Surfing for 21 years and coaching for 10 years, qualified for 9 years.

I started coaching because I wanted to share the stoke of surfing with others.

Kalk Bay, Elands Bay, Supersuck, Tofino, Lakeys, Donkey Bay

Photography, healthy living.

Shannon Ainslie

Country: South Africa

Profile Q&A:

South Africa, Norway

I have surfed for 18 years and coached for 12 years

Surfing gives you a lot of joy, confidence and peace as well as keeps you fit and socially involved in a surfing community. I think teaching and coaching people in surfing provides a lot of other aspects and can be used to help people in need and give them hope where there is no hope. I am also passionate about surfing and sharing the stoked :)

Supertubes, JBay and Unstad, Norway.

I enjoy hiking, riding horses and hanging out with friends!

Min Song

Country: South Korea

Profile Q&A:

South Korea

I have been in surfing since 2003 and been coaching or teaching since 2008.

I would love to share the fun and good vibe of surfing with more people and I found this could be achived by education more people proper skills and manners. I believe with good and proper knowledge people can enjoy more of fun in Surfing.

HT, Mentawaiis, Indonesia Rifles, Mentawaiis, Indonesia Wedge, Yoyo's, West Sumbawa, Indonesia Broken Head, NSW, Australia Fairy Bower, Manly, Australia Haeundae beach, Busan, Korea

Yoga Listening Music Driving

Kyungshik Min

Country: South Korea

Profile Q&A:

South Korea

About 15 years.

I am happiest when I teach children.

I like the beachbreak because it is in my hometown.

I take pictures and play with my son.

Lorenco Chaves d' Almeida

Country: Spain

Profile Q&A:

Marcos Conde

Country: Spain; Brasil

Profile Q&A:

Tim Jones

Country: Sri Lanka

Profile Q&A:

I work closely with SGB and the GB federations and hope to become a course presenter in Sri Lanka .

I have been surfing 52 years and been coaching 33 years

in 1982 I wanted to see local youngsters in N Devon UK where I was living improve their surfing or just have the chance to take it up surfing . I started a club that became one of the largest in the UK and in 1983 began commercial coaching as well as continuing competitive coaching.

Caleton Mero in Lanzarote and Coxos in Portugal

I sing at churches around the island of Lanzarote and train and skate ramps . I work at the local prison doing voluntary work .

Henrik Fahlen

Country: Sweden

Profile Q&A:


Cedric Reynard

Country: Switzerland

Profile Q&A:


I have started with surfing 25 years ago then Stand Up Paddle for 11 years and coaching in SUP for 10 years.

It was a natural step as being a Ski and Snowboard coach in winter to extend my passion of gliding on water.

North of Spain

Introspection of myself through yoga and discovering natural environments with low impact of modern civilization.

Vuillemin Gael

Country: Switzerland

Profile Q&A:


7 years

Vice- president of the ASSUP ( association suisse Stand up paddle) since 2010 Owner of SUPGENEVE SINCE 2010 Sup teacher IOSUP expert since 2011 Formation Instructeur for switzerland since 2014

le Morne Mauritius Chile, Curanipe

Kite foiling Kite surfing waves Snow kiting Surf SUP DH biking Ski Snowboard Bmx .....

Stuart Parry

Country: United Kingdom

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Andy Joyce

Country: United Kingdom

Profile Q&A:

England and Internationally with various National Federations and clients

Competing and having fun in Surfing for 37 years, coaching for 17 years, and Stand Up Paddle boarding for seven years.

My dream of a more water filled life was realised through passion, hard work and vision. I see my role is to help people turn their water filled dreams into reality”

Anywhere with some friends, although not too many :-)

Cycling, hiking, skating, 3D art and crafting.

Jake Powell

Country: United Kingdom

Profile Q&A:

Jersey, Channel Islands (UK)

Surf Experience: 20 years. Coaching Experience: 8 years.

I'm an extremely passionate waterman who has spent most of my life surfing. When we were growing up there was never any real coaching infrastructure in place back home. I would love to help push the standard of the younger generation coming through by sharing the knowledge I acquired throughout the years free surfing and competitive surfing.

New Pier, Durban (South Africa) Nikos, Nusa Dua (Bali) Barra De La Cruz, Oaxaca (Mexico) Le Graviere, Hossegor (France)

Swimming Football Running Boxing

Dean Gough

Country: United Kingdom

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Paul Killa

Country: United Kingdom

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I have been surfing since the age of 13 and I am now 51, I have always been involved in surfing and lifesaving

I decided to qualify as a surf coach in 2017.I retired from the Police service in March 2020 after 30 years and wanted a part time career that involved my passion of surfing and living around the ocean. I have recently started working as a project co-ordinator for a charity called Waveproject that delivers surf therapy to children between the ages of 8 & 18 yrs who have additional physical & mental needs.

My local beach is Langland Bay and my favourite break there is the reef Known as 'Crab Island' , Llangennith on the Gower can have good days if the swell and wind are favourable. I also love Lacanau Ocean in France and travel there in the autumn most years when the crowds have gone after the summer, If you explore that area of coastline there is always an empty peak to be had.

I play water polo and represented Wales at junior and senior levels prior to me joining the Police in 1990. after a 20 year break I watched the London Olympics and decided I would like to play again. I set up a weekly session which has now grown into a club which boasts nearly 120 members form the ages of 7-70 and Swansea University teams are fielded from our members. we play in the Welsh and Bristol & West leagues at junior and senior level. I manage and coach at the club assisted by 3 other coaches/players and my wife we have all been friends through water polo for over 35 years. I have 2 Golden Retriever dogs that I also spend a lot of time walking.

Patrick Renaud

Country: United Kingdom

Profile Q&A:

United Kingdom and the company that my brothers and I run, "Surf Coach International", runs gap year programs and abroad Surf Camps where Surfers can take the ISA course as apart of a package deal.

I have been surfing for 32 years & coaching for about 20 years. I have been coached by the best in the industry in South Africa as a Junior and Senior competitive surfer and have acknowledged, and worked on performance, understanding the ocean, competitive surfing and preparation. I have continuously over the years directly or indirectly supported, mentored and coached surfers in all levels. I have traveled the globe extensively and always offer support and guidance to surfers.

Having competed extensively as a Junior & Senior surfer in South Africa & Internationally, I have gained vast experience from my Coaches, Sponsors & Mentors. This has encouraged me to actively get involved in professional coaching, development & management giving me the tools to enhance performance & contribute positively back into the surfing industry.

So many out there, but the best has to be: J - Bay - South Africa Umhlanga - North coast of Durban Jail Breaks - Maldives HT's - Mentawai Islands Any point break in Mozambique Currumbin Point - Gold Coast Australia

Lifeguard Training & Assessing Ocean Ski Fishing Swimming Cross - Fit

George Solh

Country: United Kingdom

Profile Q&A:

Preselected by surfing GB board of directors

I have been surfing 25 years and coaching 10 years

To introduce people to the beautiful life of surfing and show them that there is a good way to live with the ocean

So many, every break has it's day but if I had to choose I would say Santa Teresa, Costa Rica for the cool Pura Vida vibe and Anchor point, Morocco for the intense vibe and heavy wave...

I'm a professional photographer and love making beautiful images and writing with light

Barrie Hall

Country: United Kingdom

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john ellis

Country: United Kingdom

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9 Years coaching and 20 years surfing.

I became a coach to share with others the pleasure and enjoyment that I have gained from surfing.

Croyde Beach (UK) Las Flores (El Salvador) Air Guling (Lombok)

Cycling, Running, Fitness

Zoee Jones

Country: United Kingdom

Profile Q&A:

I am based in the North East of ENGLAND, United Kingdom..I will be able to run courses across the whole of the North East up to the borders with Scotland and far south along the East Coast.

I have been surfing for over 17 years and coaching for at least 14 of those years in some capacity.

It was a lifestyle choice. Having served in the Army, and having been introduced to surfing through adventure training. I realised it wasn't enough to just be involved in the sport as a past time and I wanted to get more involved and pass on the joy of the sport to new people.

My absolute most favourite spot is a spot in Lombok, Indo. My home break Saltburn Beach and our surrounding coastline offers some great waves and plenty of choice.

I love to run, I'm am by no means a natural, but I find if is flat this is the only thing that gives me a high as close to the surfed out feeling. I cycle, and have a passion for gardening (trying to grow my own food).

Sean Brody

Country: United States

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Surfing: 21 Coaching: 16

Transition from ISA Membership Manager

Cotton Tree Point- Robertsport, Liberia

Family time travel photography guitar wilderness medicine jui jitsu philanthropy meeting new people

Jason Senn

Country: United States

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Antonio Sotillo

Country: Venezuela

Profile Q&A:

Venezuela, Colombia, Panama, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Ecuador

Surfing for a 35 years,, coaching for a 20 years

Because I like to teach and because teaching is the best way to educate and progress in our sport

Punta Rocas, Chicama, Pacasmayo, Señorita (Peru) Montañitas, San Mateo (Ecuador) Nuqui (Colombia) Venao, Tetas, Isla Grande, Santa Catalina (Panama) Punta Rocas, Las Flores (El Salvador) Isla Uvita, La Curva (Costa Rica) Punta Lobos, Maitensillo (Chile) Machucas, Tres Palmas (Puerto Rico) Rocky Point, Puerto Cruz, Taguantar, Los Caracas, Patanemo, Cuyagua (Venezuela)

Music Good Food Travel

Gerhard Weilheim

Country: Venezuela

Profile Q&A:


I started when I was 11 years old, in 1982. I´ve been 36 years on a surfboard. I have 25 years of teaching surfing experience with Zona Radical / Go & Flow Surf & SUP School -Venezuela, since 1992.

I aim to expand surfing and its culture, by organically and harmoniously promoting self-sustainable adventure tourism, coexistence and the healthy and fun practice of a sports, as a training tool to develop wholesome athletes. Our most valuable contribution is having taught more than 3,000 students, who are now part of our surfing family. This was achieved with the help of our valuable human capital, a group of multidisciplinary instructors, who represent the best Venezuelan values, made possible through a visionary and pioneer project which started in Venezuela in 1992.

I´ve been lucky to travel to more than 40 countries, thanks to surfing, such as Oahu and Maui in Hawai; Gold Coast in Australia; Bali in Indonesia; Saint Leu in Reunion Island; Durban in South Africa; Nijima and Miyasaki in Japan; California in USA; Mundaka in Spain; Biarritz, Anglet and Lacanau in France; Maresias and Rio de Janeiro in Brazil; Punta Lobos in Chile; Puerto Escondido in Mexico; Perú, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Guadalupe, Ecuador, Argentina, Panama, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Portugal, Aruba.  In Venezuela, the most exotic and amazing places where I have surfed are El Juguete de Dios beach in La Tortuga Island; Noronkis and Franciski beaches in Los Roques archipielago; Puy Puy and Chaguarama de Sotillo beaches in Sucre State; La Bocaina beach in Puerto Cabello; and the static wave at the Atures Rapids in Orinoco River, Puerto Ayacucho.

As regular training, I practice swimming and freediving, and I also practice rafting, white water kayaking and windsurfing.