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During an epic day of amazing waves and tremendous surfing performances, the 2013 ISA World Masters Surfing Championship officially closed.

The waves were incredible throughout the Finals. The morning heats saw glassy surf in the 6-8 feet range at the perfect right hand point-break in Montañita, Ecuador. A gentle onshore breeze picked up mid-morning, but the waves remained consistent and pumping all day
Team Hawaii successfully defended their title of World Team Champions and winners of the Eduardo Arena Perpetual Team Trophy, named after the Peruvian founder and first President of the ISA in 1964.


“Huge congratulations to all of the winners. This was an amazing competition with great waves and excellent performances from all athletes,” commented ISA President Fernando Aguerre. “Thank you to everyone that helped organize this amazing event including the President of Ecuador Rafael Correa, the Minister of Sport Francisco Cevallos and the Deputy Minister Augusto Moran, and the over 20 government organizations that helped make this World Championship a reality. Ecuador is an incredible surfing destination. We plan to come back next year with another ISA world championship.”

Grand Kahuna (over 50) Chris Knutsen was rewarded for his powerful surfing and impeccable wave selection with his fourth ISA World Championship.  The South African reached the Final via the Repechage rounds, and put on a display of powerful, clean surfing.  During the live webcast interview, the South African expressed his desire for a fourth gold medal to have one for every one of his grandchildren.

Knutsen scored 15.17, overcoming Silver Medlaist Craig Schieber (CRC, 12.10), Bronze Medalist Allen Sarlo (USA, 11.33), and Copper Medalist Eric Graciet (FRA, 9.80).


Chris Knutsen from South Africa. Credit:ISA/ Michael Tweddle

In an action-packed Grand Mastsers (over 40) Final, Sunny Garcia (HAW), defended his 2012 Gold Medal, scoring an impressive 17.08, defeating Silver Medalist Marcelo Alves (BRA, 10.66), Bronze Medalist Love Hodel (HAW, 10.50), and Copper Medalist Dean Randazzo (USA, 10.27).

Sunny Garcia from Hawaii. Credit:ISA/ Michael Tweddle

Sunny Garcia from Hawaii. Credit:ISA/ Michael Tweddle

Hawaii’s Mike Latronic, who also reached the Final through the Repechage, won the Kahuna (over 45) division.

In the Final, the Hawaiian scored a heat total of 12.90, earning the Gold Medal, defeating Silver Medalist Andre Malherbe (ZAF, 11.34), Bronze Medalist Jojo de Olivenca (BRA, 10.04) and Copper Medalist Ricky Schaffer (USA, 6.43).

Mike Latronic from Hawaii. Credit:ISA/ Rommel Gonzales

Mike Latronic from Hawaii. Credit:ISA/ Rommel Gonzales

Australia’s Layne Beachley continued her domination, winning the Gold and reclaiming the Women’s Masters World Champion title.

In a very close Final, Beachley came out victorious with 13.76, defeating Heather Clark (ZAF, 13.67), Andrea Lopes (BRA, 12.96) and Rochelle Ballard (HAW, 11.60).

Layne Beachley from Australia. Credit:ISA/ Rommel Gonzales

Layne Beachley from Australia. Credit:ISA/ Rommel Gonzales

Greg Emslie from South Africa is the new ISA Masters (over 35) World Champion.  Emslie was unstoppable in the Final with a near-perfect total heat score of 19.46, the sum of two individual scores of 9.83 and 9.63. In second, Kalani Robb (HAW, 14.50) won the Silver Medal, Magnum Martinez placed third for the Bronze (VEN, 12.83), and Sunny Garcia, surfing down into the younger age group,  (HAW, 12.30) placed fourth, winning the Copper Medal.


Greg Emslie From South Africa. Credit:ISA/ Michael Tweddle

The last event of the day was the thrilling ISA Aloha Cup, a tag-team relay competition that featured the four finalists, who earned a position in the Finals by advancing through the semi- finals the day before.

Today’s Aloha Cup Final featured teams from Hawaii, Brazil, Australia and Venezuela.  Each Team is made up of 4 men and 1 woman, and each surfer is scored on the best two of a maximum of three waves. The Final was one hour long.

Team Australia won the ISA Aloha Cup showing great strategy and teamwork defeating Venezuela, in second place, Brazil in third and Hawaii in fourth.

Team Australia.. Credit:ISA/ Rommel Gonzales

Team Australia. Credit:ISA/ Rommel Gonzales

The Closing Ceremony took place in Concha Acustica on the beach, to officially close the 2013 ISA World Masters and award the Eduardo Arena Perpetual Team Trophy and all the individual medals.


South African Greg Emslie (left) is the new ISA Masters World Champion and Australian Layne Beachley (right) reclaimed the ISA Women’s Masters World Champion. Photo: ISA/Rommel Gonazales

As part of the ceremony, a special gift was awarded to all the first place finishers.

The local surf shop in Montañita that specializes in Balsa surfboards, “Balsa House,” along with its owner, Cesar “Rasty” Moreira, presented a custom hand made Balsa Wood Surfboard to each individual Gold Medalist.

In addition, a special announcement was made by ISA President Fernando Aguerre and Ecuador’s Surfing Federation President Xavier Aguirre that an ISA World Championship will return to Ecuador in 2014 with the support of the Ministry of Sport.

Official Results:

Overall Team Results:

  1. Hawaii- 10,844 points and winner of the Eduardo Arena Perpetual Team Trophy
  2. South Africa- 8,976 points, Silver Medal
  3. USA- 8,165 points, Bronze Medal
  4. Brazil- 8,087 points, Copper Medal
  5. Australia- 7,882 points
  6. Argentina- 6,360 points
  7. Venezuela- 6,357 points
  8. Peru- 6,133 points
  9. Costa Rica- 6,055 points
  10. France- 6,011 points
  11. Japan- 5,955 points
  12. Ecuador- 5,580 points
  13. Puerto Rico- 5,436 points
  14. Uruguay- 4,690 points
  15. Chile- 4,675 points
  16. Spain- 4,515 points
  17. Mexico- 2,716 points
  18. Dominican Republic- 1,375
  19. Panama- 1,110 points
  20. Great Britain- 720 points


Greg Emslie (ZAF), Gold Medal
Kalani Robb (HAW), Silver Medal
Magnum Martinez (VEN), Bronze Medal
Sunny Garcia (HAW), Copper Medal

Women’s Masters:

Layne Beachley (AUS), Gold Medal
Heather Clark (ZAF), Silver Medal
Andrea Lopes (BRA), Bronze Medal
Rochelle Ballard (HAW), Copper Medal

Grand Masters:

Sunny Garcia (HAW), Gold Medal
Marcelo Alves (BRA), Silver Medal
Love Hodel (HAW), Bronze Medal
Dean Randazzo (USA), Copper Medal


Mike Latronic (HAW), Gold Medal
Andre Malherbe (ZAF), Silver Medal
Jojo de Olivenca (BRA), Bronze Medal
Ricky Schaffer (USA), Copper Medal

Grand Kahuna:

Chris Knutsen (ZAF), Gold Medal
Craig Schieber (CRC), Silver Medal
Allen Sarlo (USA), Bronze Medal
Eric Graciet (FRA), Copper Medal

Aloha Cup:

Australia, Gold Medal and winner of the ISA Aloha Cup Trophy
Venezuela, Silver Medal
Brazil, Bronze Medal
Hawaii, Copper Medal

For a full list of results visit: www.iswmsc.com/results

For the full event coverage with daily videos and photo galleries visit- www.isawmsc.com

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