Dudu Edri wins the 2013 Triple Diamond Competition in Israel

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Past Monday 18/13 was a historic moment for the Israeli extreme sports, with the Triple Diamond in 2013 surfing competition

Dudu Edri Triple Diamond Winner 2013 (Photo: Mor Surf-Video)

The Triple Diamond contest is a challenging and exhausting Surfing competition that combines three unique areas of surfing: Shortboard, Longboard and SUP (StandUp Paddle). 16 Israeli elite surfers competed for the title of ultimate surfer of the year.

Omer Bar \ Photo: Mor Surf-Video

The beauty of this competition is to see how surfers use their abilities to cobine all three disciplines, and battle to become the israeli Iron Surfer.

Tel Aviv Hilton Beach \ Photo: Mor Surf-Video

A great ambience, an exemplary from the Surf House (third Miller and Sharon Harel), a beautiful beach, incredible waves, sun, best surfers in the country, cold Corona, beautiful girls and more .. This event became the largest extreme sports event in Israel.

What went on?

Members meeting was held at 8:30 in the morning and the first match underway at 9:30. Following the meticulous choice of browsing the tension was at its peak already assigns first. With ski conditions were improving also reached a large audience and got to see a show number one ski area in Israel.

Third Miller \ Photo: Mor Surf-Video

Wrap Sapp was first category. Wrap Sapp – Fadel board surfing industry is definitely a high growth rate in the world and in fact the bike of the sea. Prominent users in this category were: Omri Hazor won the category and finished third in general, Dudu Edri won the competition finished only two Sapp and comes in three Finals, Dave Gal was the surprise of the competition, and Moore Lucca veteran surfer and quality. S high and moderate northwest wind made these guys a hard time at the beginning of the competition.

Then there was a category longbord came ruled with an iron fist: June Klein awesome skier won this category and finished second overall, Omri Hazor, Zahi House, and David Edery.

Zahi House \ Photo: Mor Surf-Video

The last category was surfing and came starred: June Klein won this category, Omer Bar Levin surfing legend and a star Rate Realty TLV completing two and together with Yoni Klein rocked the level of competition in the sky, Dudu Edri, and Zev David won the competition last year.

Dudu Edri \ Photo: Mor Surf-Video

At the end of the competition the awards to the winners in all areas and the declaration of the ultimate surfer’s winners for 2013.

Triple Diamond Competition Results 2013:

1. Dudu Edri
2. June Klein
3. Omri Hazor

Thank Cerf network Mufti House on the organization. Sponsors: ISA, Zazik, Focus, Sex Wax, Go Pro, Indo Board, Billabong, Corona, Naish, Surf House. Rare visitors who participated and attended public event.

Dudu Edri and the coveted trophy \ Photo: Aviram Farij – Adrenaline