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“It was really difficult knowing I wouldn’t be able to surf again. That was harder for me than not being able to walk again.” -Dries Millard, representative of South Africa for the 2015 ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship Presented by Challenged Athletes Foundation, Hurley, Stance and the City of San Diego.

When Dries Millard was 18 years old, he was in a car accident that left him a paraplegic. Fearing he would never be able to surf again, Dries discovered adaptive surfing and has made it his mission to raise awareness and introduce the sport to other regions of South Africa. As the first disabled surf instructor in Western Cape, South Africa, he organized an “adaptive surfing roadshow” to bring the sport to physically and mentally challenged people in his country. During the roadshow, Dries surfed 35 of the country’s best waves, all while raising funds for his team to travel to California for the inaugural ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship. Listen to the powerful words of Dries Millard:

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Follow Dries’ adaptive surfing movement at http://extremeabilities.co.za/.