ISA Developmental Programs

The International Surfing Association brings together the governing bodies of the many surfing nations around the world. The ISA is a focus for all matters concerning these nations and whilst the competition area is mostly at the forefront, a solid organizational structure is also essential for the long term health of our sport.

ISA member organizations come with varying participation rates, natural surfing assets, financial resources and Government support.

The ISA catch cry “for a better surfing future” is about opportunity for all surfers arising from organized and well planned projects at every level of the sport.

For many years, education and professional development of individual surfers has been an objective of the ISA and we have established programs to bring international direction and standards to our sport. More skilled officials at all levels of the sport will bring better outcomes from all activities we conduct.

The Coaching & Instructing Program and Judging & Officiating Program are international standards for the accreditation of staff within organizations. Likewise listing on the International Surf School Register recognizes a commitment to safe surfing operational practices by the surf schools involved. All promoting a quality service to our customers and individual members.

Surfer education – professional development – international standards – “for a better surfing future”.

The official recognition acknowledging the relevance and appropriateness of the content of the ISA courses, comes from the Australian Coaching Council accredited Surfing Australia courses, from which the ISA programs have been customized for international use.
The ISA Judging & Officiating Development Program is a comprehensive educational program that has been identified by leading sporting organizations as the worlds’ best educational practice in the development of quality accredited surfing officials.
International Surfschool Register members are listed here as evidence of their commitment to the program. Enroll now in a surfschool with established ISA credentials, international standards of “best practice” and excellence.
The ISA is proud to award academic surf scholarships to U18 junior surfers. The Individual Scholarship Program’s main objective is to provide financial support to junior surfers who demonstrate an actual need, in order to facilitate an experience in surfing while encouraging the importance of education.
The ISA is unequivocally opposed, on ethical and medical grounds, to the practice of doping in sport and fully supports the position of the International Olympic Committee and World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) against the use of banned substances and methods.

Brazilian surfer, Pirata, embodies the spirit of the ISA Mission perfectly. Pirata is not only an inspiration for people with disabilities, but for the whole surfing community.