General Information:

All Athletes under the jurisdiction of a Nation Federation that is a member of the ISA shall be subject to Out of Competition Testing at any time or place, with or without advance notice.

The ISA maintains a Registered Testing Pool of Athletes who are required to comply with the whereabouts requirements of the WADA International Standard for Testing.

The ISA notifies all athletes of their inclusion in the Registered Testing Pool (RTP), after which it becomes the responsibility of the athlete to forward their Whereabouts Filing and thereafter to provide the ISA with updated information specifying their whereabouts. The ISA provides detailed instructions to athletes and their managers for this process.

Like all International Federations, the ISA’s Registered Testing Pool is comprised of top- level athletes who are subject to both In-Competition and Out-of-Competition testing. The ISA’s RTP is updated annually, or more frequently at the ISA’s discretion.

All minors under 18 years of age must have a legal guardian or representative present at time of testing. In addition to the athlete, the representative must sign all supporting documentation.