2014 Melanesian Cup – Day 3

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September 5th  2014

The 3rd round of the 2014 Melanesian cup was run today in near-perfect conditions at Aganoa Beach. This year the cup is to be being competed for by four countries, New Caledonia, Fiji, Vanuatu and Samoa. Waves today were in the 1-1.5 metre range and combined with perfect offshore winds made for a remarkable day of surfing.


The Under 14 semi-finals were first in the water, with Chris Martin and Lino Fofoga surfing in the first heat, Martin was on his way to a finals berth when he accidentally dropped in on Roger Taleo of Vanuatu, receiving an interference call and ending his contest in unfortunate circumstances. Fofoga surfed well and earned himself a respectable third place in the semi-final and a 5th place overall. Nathan Devambez and Tom Morat of New Caledonia both showed their flair in the heat, Devambez with his forehand attack and Morat with his powerful backhand snap. They were joined in the decider by Junior Kalmet of Vanuatu and Pule Martin of Samoa who finished first and second respectively in the second semi-final. Once again the final was hotly contested in great conditions and we hotly anticipate hearing the official result.


The Women’s event was concluded today, with Hannah Bennett of Fiji surfing strongly throughout the day, surfing against the two Vanuatu girls Reshma Kalotiti and Sera John, and New Caledonia’s Nathalie Cinedrawa in the final. The waves were pumping during the decider and the cheering from the crowd on the beach was deafening, The winner will be announced at the closing ceremony which will be held Thursday night after the close of the competition.

The Under 18 Division rounded out the day, with local hope Ato Fofoga bowing out in a hotly contested semi-final. Fofoga fought bravely against his opponents but was unable to muster the score which would place him in the top two and send him into the penultimate round. The final was held between Tom Morat and Nathan Devambez of New Caledonia, and Jeremey Kaluatman and Kalmilo Caltibang of Vanuatu, and was a great display of local surfing talent. Each competitor surfed with style and power, and the final results, when announced, are expected to come down to the wire.


More great waves are forecast for tomorrow, when the final two events, the Womens and Mens Longboard divisions will be held. Following the finals will be the presentations and closing ceremony. All spectators are invited to Aganoa Beach to join us in celebrating the fantastic week on competition that has been.