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22 National Teams Paraded Through Lima’s Historic Central Square, “Plaza De Armas” In Front Of Thousands Of Locals

Current ISA President Fernando Aguerre (center), joined by the first ISA President, Peruvian Eduardo Arena, who founded the ISA in 1964, amongst the flags of the 22 National Teams, declared the Claro ISA 50th Anniversary World Surfing Games officially open. Photo: ISA/Michael Tweddle

The Claro ISA 50th Anniversary World Surfing Games was declared officially open Friday, October 24,2014, in Lima’s beautiful and historic central square, “Plaza de Armas.”

In attendance were over 150 of the world’s best surfers and team officials from 22 countries, who traveled to Peru from every corner of the globe. Thousands of enthusiastic Peruvians, local authorities, and ISA and local government officials witnessed the start of this historic competition to celebrate the ISA’s 50th Anniversary.

The National Delegations paraded around the city square and walked by the Presidential Palace, the Municipality of Lima and the Cathedral, which was crowded with thousands of local supporters and spectators. Photo: ISA/Rommel Gonzales

The National Delegations paraded around the city square and walked by the Presidential Palace, the Municipality of Lima and the Cathedral, which was crowded with thousands of local supporters and spectators.

Opening Ceremonies in Lima’s Central Square, “Plaza de Armas.” Photo: ISA/Michael Tweddle

After arriving to the Opening Ceremony stage the 22 National Delegations participated in the ISA’s unique Sands Of The World Ceremony. Two representatives of each National Delegation walked on stage, one waving the national flag while the other poured sand from their local beach into a glass container, symbolizing the peaceful gathering of nations through the love of surfing.

Sands of The World. Photo: ISA/Rommel Gonzales

The ISA President Fernando Aguerre spoke at the Opening Ceremony:

“I am very excited today for our past 50 years, but I am even more excited for the present and the future. Of course we love surfing, but we also surf for the love of the ocean, love of the environment, and love for this amazing experience of being in the ocean.”

“Wave pools are also going to bring surfing to people that live away from the oceans that are not as lucky we are living by the ocean.”

“In the Olympic front, we are already included in, or in serious negotiations for inclusion in many regional Olympic Movement events, like the Oceania Games next year, the Central American Games in 2017, the Pan-American Games in 2019 in Lima, and the South American Games.”

“Gratitude is probably the most important feeling to have, and today I want thank a few people, who are here with us today: the founder of the ISA in 1964, Eduardo Arena from Peru, the President of the Peruvian Institute of Sports, Francisco Boza, International Olympic Committee Member, Ivan Dibos, the President of the Peruvian National Surfing Federation, Carlos Neuhaus, ISA Vice President Karin Sierralta, Hector Velarde surfing icon from the 60s, and the first Peruvian World Champion Felipe Pomar. Of course, big thank you to all members of the the National Delegations from the 22 countries that are present here today.”

“Some of you will go home with medals and others will not, but all of you are champions for competing for your National Teams at the ISA 50th Anniversary World Surfing Games.”

“I am very proud of what surfing can do for the world without any regard for religious, racial, socio-economic, linguistic, and geographical barriers. We all come together for the love of the sport.”

Following the ISA President’s address, there was a cultural dance presentation demonstrating a typical Peruvian dance that pleased all the visiting surfers from around the world.

Afro-Peruvian cultural dance. Photo: ISA/Rommel Gonzales

After the beautiful showcase of local Peruvian traditional dance, the ISA officially declared open the Claro ISA 50thAnniversary World Surfing Games.

To conclude the Opening Ceremony, all the teams had a special invitation to visit Peru’s beautiful Presidential Palace. It was a unique experience to witness the “Changing of the Guard,” one of the most popular things to-do when visiting Lima.

All the National Delegations were invited to visit Peru’s Presidential Palace to witness the “Changing of the Guard.” Photo: ISA/Michael Tweddle

Competition starts on Saturday with The Morning Show at 7:40am (local time), featuring announcers Mike Latronic and Julien “Vico” Hamel, who will be introducing the event, followed by

Men’s Main Event – 24 Heats

The live webcast of the entire championship is available on


Sunday, 7:40am Punta Rocas, Peru
Sunday, 5:40am West Coast USA
Sunday, 2:40pm Western Europe/ South Africa
Sunday, 10:40pm Sydney, Australia
Monday, 12:40am Auckland, New Zealand

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