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On June 20th, the ISA marks the annual occasion of International Surfing Day – our sport’s way of celebrating Surfing around the world and promoting the sport and its wonderful culture internationally. 2014 is also the ISA’s 50th anniversary so we would like to celebrate this year in an extra special way.

During the same week, On June 23rd, the sporting world will celebrate the 66th Olympic Day – a global celebrationof the modern Olympic Movement and its core values of EXCELLENCE, FRIENDSHIP and RESPECT.

As Surfing aspires to become an Olympic sport, we believe this year during the week of International Surfing Day and Olympic Day, we can showcase to the sporting world and the Olympic Movement just how popular Surfing is and how elite athletes, recreational surfers and global fans would love to see the sport be part of the Summer Olympic Games.

A toolkit in the link below aims to help surfers globally plan and activate simple and fun programs that engage your local community and surfers around the world.

Ultimately, the ISA wants to collate, publish and promote all the great stories, images and videos that surfers, National Surfing Federations and their local communities will create to celebrate International Surfing Day. The ISA can then proudly highlight our commitment to promoting Olympic Day and show the power of the global Surfing community to back our cause to become an Olympic sport. With your help we can make this dream a reality!



In order to celebrate International Surfing Day your related activities should ideally take place on June 20th or as close as possible before that date.


Surfers around the world and National Federations are encouraged to organize International Surfing Day activities at as many locations as possible within the country in order to reach out to the greatest number of people.

Suggested Activities

In order to create the most positive impact whilst ensuring activities are fun, simple and inexpensive to organize, the ISA suggests you implement the following ideas:

  • The Surfer’s Paddle Out

Organize paddle outs with surfers – young and old. You have probably participated in a paddle out before, so you understand how easy this is to accomplish.

Gathering on the beach to honour and celebrate LIFE and BEING A SURFER! Often at sunrise or sunset – surfers take to the water, paddling out beyond the break. Sitting on their boards to form a floating circle, they hold hands in union with one another. Someone speaks some words and then the surfers send up hoots, whistles or chants. Clasped hands are raised, then lowered to splash the surrounding waters and/or their boards. Finally, pointing their boards to the sky the surfers turn slowly toward shore, flowers swirling in the wakes left behind them.



  • Create a fun social media campaign – #ISD14 #LoveSurfing

During your International Surfing Day activities [like the paddle outs described above] we encourage you to take lots of fun photos of young and older people enjoying themselves.

It would be great to engage lots of people in this activity. This could include:

- Your regular local community of surfers

- Local fans of Surfing

- Any elite or pro Surfing athletes that you know

- Sports fans who want to try something different or new

- Any celebrities that you know!

For these photos, include the ‘hashtags’: #ISD14 #LoveSurfing

It would then be great to post these photos on your own social media channels [personal and organisational] such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, with a message why you and all the participants love Surfing.

In addition, we would be very grateful if youinclude our ISA social media ‘handles’ in your posts so we can easily view, collate and publicise them to the wider world. The relevant pages are:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InternationalSurfingAssociation
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ISAsurfing
Instagram: http://instagram.com/ISAsurfing

Remember to always include the hashtags #ISD14 #LoveSurfing when you post!

  • Organize a beach clean-up at your local break.

Gather local community surfers and leaders and engage with local environmental group to have a beach clean-up. Following the clean-up, host a fun day of activities on the beach that can include a surf classes, surf contest, BBQ, music, amongst others.

What the ISA will be doing for International Surfing Day

Ahead of International Surfing Day, the ISA will promote the initiative through its various online and social media channels to ensure we engage as many Surfing fans as possible.

On that day, the ISA Headquarters staff will kick-off their work day at a local beach in San Diego, California, and have a beach cleanup, paddleout, catch a few waves, and enjoy a bagel and coffee on the beach.

On June 21st, for Olympic Day, the ISA will also package and publicize the great photos and messages taken around the world for International Surfing Day and issue a press release about the broad global love and growth of Surfing around the world in different communities – highlighting the universal passion for the sport and the Olympic spirit.


Communication in the run-up to the event

Communicating well ahead of your International Surfing Day programme ensures that activities become known and are in people’s diaries. It also helps to build EXCITEMENTand MAXIMISE PARTICIPATION. Traditional ways of promoting an event to the general public include displaying posters and distributing brochures in the local area, including in schools, sports clubs and shopping centres. You should also consider publicising your event in the local media, on SOCIAL MEDIA platforms or via your federation communications.

Communication during the event

This will enable you to spread the news about ongoing activities in a timely manner as well as communicating the purpose of International Surfing Day and its contribution to celebrate Olympic Day during the 50th anniversary of ISA. Examples include arranging media interviews with participants and, if possible, elite Surfing athletes. You should also encourage local young people to report about their International Surfing Day experience on social media. Remember to always use the hashtags #ISD14 #LoveSurfing!

Communication after the event

This will be an opportunity to reach out to people who have not participated this year but could do so next year. It is also your opportunity to report on the success of your event with participation and attendance figures. You should also use images and videos which you can PROMOTE on various media platforms including your website and social mediachannels.

Please make sure you send us good quality, high resolution photos and participant quotes if you can. We can help to promote your celebration of International Surfing Day internationally and ensure Surfing globally can ultimately make a valuable contribution to the worldwide recognition of Olympic Day.

Good luck and we hope you enjoy your International Surfing Day experience, wherever you are!

About the International Surfing Association:

The International Surfing Association (ISA), founded in 1964, is recognized by the International Olympic Committee as the World Governing Authority for Surfing. The ISA governs and defines Surfing as Shortboard, Longboard & Bodyboarding, StandUp Paddle (SUP) Racing and Surfing, Para Surfing, Bodysurfing, Wakesurfing, and all other wave riding activities on any type of waves, and on flat water using wave riding equipment. The ISA crowned its first Men’s and Women’s World Champions in 1964. It crowned the first Big Wave World Champion in 1965; World Junior Champion in 1980; World Kneeboard Champions in 1982; World Longboard Surfing and World Bodyboard Champions in 1988; World Tandem Surfing Champions in 2006; World Masters Champions in 2007; World StandUp Paddle (SUP, both surfing and racing) and Paddleboard Champions in 2012; and World Para Surfing Champions in 2015.

ISA membership includes the surfing National Federations of 108 countries on five continents. The ISA is presided over by Fernando Aguerre (ARG). The Executive Committee includes four Vice-Presidents Karín Sierralta (PER), Kirsty Coventry (ZIM), Casper Steinfath (DEN) and Barbara Kendall (NZL), Athletes’ Commission Chair Justine Dupont (FRA), Regular Members Atsushi Sakai (JPN) and Jean Luc Arassus (FRA) and ISA Executive Director Robert Fasulo as Ex-officio Member.

Its headquarters are located in La Jolla, California (USA).