Black Sea Surfing at National Surfing Contest “Ahtopol Surf Open 2013”

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Bulgarian Extreme Water Sports Association (B.E.W.S.A) in partnership with Ahtopol Municipality held its second edition of National Surf Contest at Ahtopol Lighthouse Point.

On 3rd October the conditions were just right for a good day of surfing 6-8 feet waves, 6sec periods, and 30 athletes showed high level of competiveness in bodyboard, longboard and surf junior, men and women. Judges and organizers were very precise in the competition rules and scoring criteria fully ISA compiled.

Winners received awards from our partners Monster Energy, sport stores: DropIn, StromShop and BoardShop, and eligible to be part of the Bulgarian National team for the ISA 2014 World Events.

Surfing in Bulgaria at the Black Sea has some 20 years of history, with a Bulgarian team at ISA World Surfing Games’98. Since then, most of those surfers have pushed up their skills and are still in the first places nationally, but alongside, some new youngsters are catching up real fast. Surfing in the Black Sea has its specifics as there are no swells to produce regular waves all year round, but storms and persistent winds can create the necessary conditions at multiple beachbreaks and pointbreaks along the whole costal line. Ahtopol is the most Southeast city in Bulgarian near the boarder with Turkey.

B.E.W.S.A is committed to work for higher quality of surfing in Bulgaria, wide promotion of surf culture and eco-life among youngsters, through surfing events, educational programs, certification of local judges and creating of Bulgarian team to participate in world surfing competitions. As the oldest member of ISA in the Black Sea Region, B.E.W.S.A would like to promote closer regional integration with all neighboring ISA members countries though joint events.


1st–Nikolai Nikolov

2nd –Nikola Abadjiev – Koki

3rd – Kristian Saraliev


1st– Radka Petkova

2nd– Blagovesta Bancheva


1st – Nikola Abadjiev – Koki


1st– Doichin Doichinov

2nd – Bojidar Lulchev

3rd – Lubomir Rusev


1st – Maxim Iotzov – Max


1st – Kiril Sulkov

2nd – Borislav Vasilev

3rd– Nikolai Djenabetski

BEWSA would like to wish love, strength and good waves for all!

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 President BEWSA              First Secretary BEWSA            Vice president BEWSA