Austrian Surfing Federation – November 2013 newsletter

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Source: Austrian Surfing

Find below the latest information from ISA’s National Governing Body, Austria:

1. I have sent out the September Newsletter shortly before my departure from Thailand – click here to read how my Thailand adventure ended and a few thoughts and reports about commitment within the civil society.

2. Like last year the Austrian Surfing Champs 2013 were held in Ericeira, Portugal. Please find the report, photos and a short movie here.

3. You have always dreamed of living near some of the best surfing spots in Europe? For info about a spacious house including a big lot please contact office@ridehere-ridenow.com!

4. All dates of the AS and ISA Surf Instructor and SLSA Lifesaving Courses 2014 are already online here!

NEWS 1: With Camino Surf (SSA member) we have a new top location in Morocco!

2013 Austrian Surfing Championship in Ericeira, Portugal. Photo: Alexis Papis. (See more pictures below)

NEWS 2: Due to the big demand for courses during holidays we are now offering a Level 1 course in the Atlantic Surf Lodge in France in the Easter holidays!

NEWS 3: In 2014 the Certified ISA Judge is included without extra costs in our Level 2 courses!

5. The Surf School Alliance stands for the highest standard in surf coaching. Here you see which surf schools and ca

mps are already meeting this high standard!

6. ACTION OF THE MONTH: 30 heroes of our times are still in prison in Russia: They have risked their lives for the protection of the most fragile ecosystem of the world. Meanwhile, the multinationals like SHELL and GAZPROM who are responsible for endangering the arctic are continuing to make huge profits with their destructive crimes all over the world – please click here for info and the chance to get active!

7. How much area of mother earth am I using with my lifestyle and how much would be my fair share? What is the ratio of the weight of all humans to that of all fish in the oceans? What can each individual do for a fair world for all of us?

These questions and a lot more will be discussed this Friday, Nov 8, 2013, in the Loft 41 in Innsbruck during a presentation about the Ecological Footprint concept. The presentation is in German, for presentations in English please contact office@ridehere-ridenow.com!