ASC Sanctioned West Sumbawa Pro 2016 Welcomes Asia’s Top Men and Women Surfers to Yoyo’s Beach from July 16-20

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The ASC is delighted to announce the return of the West Sumbawa Pro to the 2016 ASC tour schedule after a five year absence, to take place from July 16-20 at YoYo’s Beach with a total of Rp 125 million (approximately $9,200 USD) shared between the Men’s Open (Rp 75 million) and Women Open (Rp 50 million) divisions.

Pepen at YoYo-3100

Previous events were held at West Sumbawa’s Scar Reef as the main break and Yoyo’s as the backup venue, but this year due to the consistency and quality of Yoyo’s and it’s ease of accessibility from nearby accommodations in the Maluk and Sekongkang areas, Yoyo’s gets the main break honors. And as a bonus to the goofyfooters on tour, the world class but fickle Supersucks is within easy reach if waves conditions permit.

“We are delighted to be going back to West Sumbawa,” says ASC’s Tipi Jabrik. “Yoyo’s has always been our go to spot there, and the whole area is still so natural and unspoiled, making for an idea location for a contest and a surf trip. We’re thankful to PT Newmont and to the West Sumbawa government as well as the other supporters for funding this event, and hope it can be a permanent stop on our tour from now on,” he added.

YoYo Bay-2285

Wahid from primary sponsor PT Newmont’s Social Responsibility Department is delighted to be supporting the West Sumbawa Pro, saying “One of our Social Responsibility Department programs at Newmont Nusa Tenggara is to support West Sumbawa’s growing tourism potential by promoting this area, as it is very blessed with beautiful waves and beaches, so one day it can be renown as one of the world’s top tourists destinations. Sponsoring the West Sumbawa Pro will show the surfers around the world the great waves we have here for them to enjoy.”

Co-sponsoring the event is the government of West Sumbawa, and as vice regent Fud Syaifuddin ST added, “We are very grateful to the ASC and it’s surfing community for willing to become the government’s partner in promoting tourism in West Sumbawa, especially maritime tourism. We hope that in the future West Sumbawa can become even more well known as a prime tourist destination.”

Cahyo from West Sumbawa Boardriders, who was also involved in the previous surfing event, is elated to be having the event on again. “We are very stoked to have the ASC back in West Sumbawa for this event, and we hope that in the future more traveling surfers from all over the world will come and experience our waves. We had some great events in the past, and now look forward to working with PT Newmont and the West Sumbawa government to increase tourism in West Sumbawa and help to progress the sport of surfing in Indonesia as well.”

The West Sumbawa Pro 2016 is part of the West Sumbawa Festival 2016, which will include an opening ceremony with traditional culture art performances, the surfing contest, a parade, live music performances, beach volleyball, and a photography contest.

The West Sumbawa Pro 2016 is sponsored by PT Newmont Nusa Tenggara, the Government of West Sumbawa, the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism and the Creative Economy, Wonderful Indonesia, the Government of Nusa Tenggara Timur, Bank NTT, Pesona Lombok Sumbawa, and Kabar NTB, organized by Lensa Pulau Sumbawa with the West Sumbawa Boardriders, and sanctioned by the Asian Surfing Championships.