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The World’s Best Longboarders From 22 Countries Have Gathered In Historic Huanchaco, Peru, Where They Will Compete for Gold

As we approach the start of the ISA World Longboard Championship, most of the participating National Delegations have announced their teams.

A total of 22 countries are confirmed to compete at the world-class, left pointbreak in Huanchaco, Peru. Photo: ISA/Rommel Gonzales

A total of 22 countries are confirmed to compete at the world-class, left pointbreak in Huanchaco, Peru. Longboarding has traditionally been included in the ISA World Surfing Games since 1988, but due to the growing popularity of this discipline, the ISA will present its first stand-alone World Longboard Championship.

Each National Team consists of up to 2 Open Men, 1 Open Women and 1 Junior Under-18, plus Team Officials.

The confirmed countries are Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecuador, France, Great Britain, Hawaii, Italy, Japan, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Portugal, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Uruguay, USA, and Venezuela.

“Expectation is building in anticipation of the ISA World Longboard Championship with only a few days to go before the Opening Ceremony. All Teams have been announced and the athletes have begun to arrive in the historic northern Peruvian town of Huanchaco, known as the cradle of surfing in Latin America. It was here, in Huanchaco, 4,000 years ago, when Peruvian fishermen invented the Caballito de Totora, which is still the vessel being used by Huanchaco’s fishermen today,” remarked ISA President Fernando Aguerre.

The ISA President continued, “Peru is known for its ideal surfing conditions with consistent swell and great weather. The surfers will be practicing on the long lefts in preparation for the World Championship. Surf in the head high to overhead range is expected for the start of the competition. As I like to remind all athletes, even though only some of the competitors will win medals, they are all champions, having competed for their countries as members of their National Surfing Teams.”

Below is a full list of the confirmed teams. Please note team registration closes on Saturday and team lists are subject to change. The final list will be found on http://isawlc.com/teams/ at the close of registration.

Martin Perez (Open Men)
Daniel Gil (Open Men)
Mary T. Gil (Open Women)
Surfiel Gil (Junior U-18)

Jared Neal(Open Men)
Ian Bell(Open Men)
Georgia Young (Open Women)
William Crowe (Junior U-18)

Geraldo C Lemos Neto (Open Men)
Phil Rajzman (Open Men)
Atalanta Nascimento (Open Women)
Caio Felipe de Santana Santos (Junior U-18)


Mauricio Aguirre (Open Men)
Belko Suarez (Open Men)

Costa Rica
Anthony Mesen Flores (Open Men)
Alex Gomez Diaz (Open Men)

Isidro Villao (Open Men)
Danny Flores (Open Men)
Michelle Soriano (Open Women)
Romano Rubilova (Junior U-18)

Antonie Delpero (Open Men)
Edouard Delpero (Open Men)
Justine Dupont (Open Women)
Martin Coret (Junior U-18)

Great Britain
Adam Griffiths (Open Men)
Ben Skinner (Open Men)
Claire Smail (Open Women)
Ben Bates (Junior U-18)

Kai Sallas (Open Men)
Ned Snow (Open Men)
Megan Godinez (Open Women)
Honolua Blomfield (Junior U-18)

Alessandro De Martini (Open Men)
Camilla Michetti (Open Women)

Yuki Nakayama (Open Men)
Kinihiko Nishizaki (Open Men)
Shiho Okazawa (Open Women)

Patricio Gonzales (Open Men)
Tzahui Poo (Open Men)
Risa Mara Machuca (Open Women)

New Zealand
Antony McColl (Open Men)
Zen Wallis (Open Men)
Belinda Goodwin (Open Women)
Jordan Griffin (Junior U-18)

Alan Barnes (Open Men)

Piccolo Clemente (Open Men)

Luis Bento (Open MenPuerto Rico
Guaili Ramirez (Open Men)
Fernando L. Guzman Hau (Open Men)
Marien Blanco (Open Women)

South Africa
Thomas King (Open Men)
Jusin Bing (Open Men)
Simone Robb (Open Women)
Ethan Pentz (Junior U-18)

Antonio Pita (Open Men)
Gonzalo Eiris (Open Men)
Julian Schweizer (Junior U-18)

Taylor Jensen (Open Men)
Tony Silvagni (Open Men)
Rachael Tilly (Open Women)
Nick Anderberg (Junior U-18)

Francisco Hernandez (Open Men)
Jean Carlos Flores (Open Men)
Adriana Gamero (Open Women)
Yoyssis Delgado (Junior U-18)

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