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Brazil’s Elivelton Santos Posted A Near Perfect Score Of 9.90 Landing A Kerrupt Flip

Brazil’ Edivelton Santos successfully landed a Kerrupt Flip, named after pro surfer Josh Kerr, and earned a 9.90, the highest single wave score of the contest thus far. Photo: ISA/ Michael Tweddle

Day 4 of the VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing Championship (WJSC) featured impressive action from the world’s top junior surfers. The competitors faced challenging conditions in this event, the largest Junior Surfing competition in the world with nearly 300 athletes, competing in front of two different judging podiums. Nonetheless, the talented surfers managed to post big scores with high performance aerial maneuvers.

Guatemala’s Mario Vega will surf in the Repechage tomorrow to keep his World Junior Champion title campaign alive. Photo: ISA/Rommel Gonzales

Brazil’s Elivelton Santos posted a near perfect score of 9.90 landing a “Kerrupt Flip,” earning the highest single wave score in the contest thus far, and one of the highest total heat scores of the event with 15.57. The air performed by the Brazilian is a highly technical trick where the surfer completes an inverted air while holding both rails of the board and rotating 360 degrees in the air.

The athletes made the best of today’s variable surf on Podium 1. During the high tide, the surfers took advantage of the inside beach break, which was in the 2-3 feet range. Once the tide dropped, the outside point came alive with 150 yard-long rides, resulting in long peeling waves from the top of the point all the way to the beach.

France’s Nomme Mignot. Photo: ISA/Rommel Gonzales

“The performance level of the boys and girls is truly amazing. I’m excited to watch the next World Surfing Champions earning their Gold Medals,” remarked ISA President Fernando Aguerre.

Aguerre continued, “The 32 National Teams are enjoying the warm weather on the beach under the Sumpa Sun. Ecuador has a rich history dating back to 11,000 B.C. when the Sumpa people settled along the coast. It is an honor to be sharing this great history with the rest of the world.”

Day 4 of the VISSLA ISA WJSC featured Qualifying Round 3 and 4 and Repechage 1 and 2 of the world’s best junior surfers.

Team Brazil was on fire today with two of their surfers earning the highest heat total and single wave scores of the contest. Gabriel Andre, the runner up at the Sao Paulo Surfing Championship, earned a 17.43 total heat score and Elivelton Santos, local of Baia da Traicao, Paraíba and National leader of Open and Junior Divisions, had the highest single heat score of 9.90.

Brazil’s Gabriel Andre. Photo: ISA/Michael Tweddle

“First of all, I want to thank God and the people who cheer me on from Brazil,” said Santos. “I´m focused on this event and trained a lot to do that kind of maneuver. That kind of aerial is my secret weapon.”

On the girl’s side, Tia Blanco (USA), the NSSA West Coast Champion earned the highest total heat score in the Girls U-18 with a 12.27, defeating Kim Veteau (FRA, 6.33), Tessa Thyssen (FRA, 5.67), and Jasmine Smith (NZL, 5.33).

2013 ISA World Junior Champions in the U-16 and U-18 respectively, Hawaii’s Mahina Maeda (left) and Tatiana Weston-Webb. Photo: ISA/Michael Tweddle

For a full list of today’s results, click here-

As we approach the final days competition and more surfers drop out of the competition in the Repechage, the overall Team Standing have began to shift. Australia, Hawaii, France, and South Africa are leading the charge in equal first place. For a full list of Team Standings, click here-

The 2014 VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing Championship resumes Thursday at 7:40am with The Morning Show hosted by Beau Hodges, and with guests from Team South Africa.

Following that, the competition will feature:

Main Podium:
6 Heats Repechage 2 Boys U-18
6 Heats Repechage 3 Boys U-16
6 Heats Repechage 3 Girls U-18
6 Heats Repechage 4 Boys U-16
6 Heats Repechage 4 Girls U-18
3 Heats Repechage 5 Boys U-16

Second Podium:

3 Heats Repechage 3 Girls U-16
3 Heats Repechage 3 Girls U-18
3 Heats Repechage 4 Girls U-16
3 Heats Repechage 4 Girls U-18

The live webcast of the entire 2014 VISSLA ISA World Junior Surfing Championship is available on

Here is the scheduled for Day 5:

Wednesday, 7:40am Salinas, Ecuador
Wednesday, 5:40am West Coast USA
Wednesday, 2:40pm Western Europe
Wednesday, 10:40pm Sydney, Australia

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