The ISA Scholarship Recipients are inspirational individuals, who strive to succeed in both surfing and education.  These “ISA Ambassadors” are selected based on their dedication to represent their Nation as an exceptional student and surfer in their community.  The ISA Ambassadors characterize themselves by providing a positive influence on their peers as a committed youth in both the sport of surfing and school.Congratulations to the ISA Ambassadors, recipients of the 2016 ISA Scholarships!


ARG- Abril Solis

ARG_Abril Solis
Abril Solis is a fourteen-year-old surfer from Argentina who found her passion for surfing at an early age. According to her National Surfing Federation, Abril has an unparalleled sense of dedication and discipline in both her surfing and education. When she is not studying or in the water, Abril enjoys spending time with her close friends and reading. With the help of the 2016 ISA Scholarship she will be improving her training and funding her education.

BRA- Raul Bormann

BRA_Raul Bormann
Raul Bormann is a passionate eighteen-year-old from Brazil who shows extreme dedication to excelling in his studies and surfing ability. With the help of the 2016 ISA Scholarship, Raul plans to attend University and pay his school tuition, a financial burden that his family could not afford and will no longer have to bear. He also plans to purchase surfing equipment that will further his surfing career.

CHI- Matilda Molina

CHI_Matilda Molina
Matilda Molina, fifteen-year old surfer from Chile, is passionate about her surfing and determined to improve her skills. With the help of the 2016 ISA Scholarship, Matilda will have the opportunity to compete on the Chilean Circuit among a wider group of competitors that will help her take her competition to the next level. Matilda dreams of going to college, ideally close to the ocean, to study architecture and follow after her father who is a builder. She says that this 2016 ISA Scholarship will alleviate the financial stress on her family and give her the motivation to keep surfing and continue her education.

CRC- Kenneth Granados

CRC_Kenneth Granados
Kenneth Granados has a fire within him to increase his studies because  he knows that a higher education will lead to increased opportunities in his future. In addition to the 2016 ISA Scholarship helping to alleviate his educational finances, it will also give him financial assistance to compete on the Costa Rican National Circuit that is held in seven different locations throughout Costa Rica. He lives with his family of four in Jacó, Costa Rica and his favorite place to surf is Playa Hermosa.

CRC – Cedric McCrackin

CRC_Cedric McCrackin
For fifteen-year-old Cedric, surfing has given him confidence to chase after his dreams and stay disciplined in all areas of his life. During his recess breaks at school, Cedric works on his homework so that he can come straight home from school and get in the water. Along with his focus on school and motivation to surf, Cedric has a sense of humor and enjoys writing rap songs under the alias “Queso Crema.” Cedric’s future goal is to have a career that is connected with surfing, his biggest passion. When he turns 18, Cedric plans to take the ISA Coaching and Judging Courses and obtain his ISA Certifications. Cedric would use the 2016 ISA Scholarship to help pay for school and competition fees on the Costa Rican National Circuit.

CRC- Abril Sogia Viquez

CRC_Abril Sofia Viquez
Abril Sofia Viquez is a fifteen-year-old female bodyboarder from Costa Rica who has a passion and love for the sport. Bodyboarding allows her to spend a great deal of time at the beach and has also introduced her to some of her best friends. Her goal is to represent Costa Rica at the ISA World Bodyboarding Championship and win the Gold Medal. The 2016 ISA Scholarship will help Abril pay for competitions on the National Circuit, new equipment, and allow her to take an English course so she can better communicate with people from other cultures.

CRC – Odin Rodriguez Schaffner

CRC_Odin Rodriguez Shaffner
Eleven-year-old Odin Rodriguez Shaffner has been surfing since before he could walk. With the help of a few of the local surfers in Guanacaste, Odin stood up on his first wave when he was only four years old. Surfing has not only been Odin’s biggest passion but it has also been a positive influence on his life and it provides a sense of community for him. Odin lives with his single mother who works tirelessly to support his surfing and education. The 2016 ISA Scholarship will allow Odin compete in the Costa Rican National Circuit where he can develop his surfing and also assist in paying his school fees.

ESP- Colbert Villanueva Stanley

ESP_Colbert Villanueva_Stanley
For Colbert Villanueva Stanley, surfing has changed his life and is continuing to have an influence on his future. Colbert, now eighteen, loves to surf but discovered that he also has a passion for teaching the sport to others, especially to children. Colbert plans to go to University to become an Image and Sound Engineer or an IT Technician. In order to support himself during that time, Colbert plans to work as a Surf Coach and the 2016 ISA Scholarship will grant him the ISA Level 1 Surf Coaching Course. This certification will allow him to become certified at the international standard of safety, quality, and efficacy and seek employment as a surf coach. Colbert desires to share his passion and help others improve their surfing abilities.

FIJ – John Vasea

FIJ_John Vasea
Thirteen-year-old John Vasea from Fiji has been surfing for two years. Currently, John’s guardian Godfrey Eaton is paying for his schooling and surfing career. John hopes that the 2016 ISA Scholarship will allow him to pay for his own contest fees and ease some of the financial burden of Mr. Eaton. John is a good student and his love for surfing is unmatched. He recently traveled to Australia to participate in a program that educates Fijian youth about surfing and surf safety. John desires to train to become a professional surfer like Kelly Slater.

FIJ- Kiesha Wakeham

FIJ_Kiesha Wakeham
Kiesha Wakeham, ten-year-old surfer from Fiji, is energetic, competitive, confident, and dreams of becoming Fiji’s top female surfer. Kiesha learned to surf from her mother and believes that it allows her to be a better person to her family, to Fiji, and to the world. Kiesha has a smile that lights up the room and desires to be a leader for other Fijian girls by showcasing the positive values of the sport of Surfing. One day she hopes to study Mechanical Engineering and design cars.


GHA – Bernard Bannor

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 5.01.20 PM

Eleven year-old Bernard Bannor learned to surf in Kokrobite Beach, Ghana. He claims that Kokrobite Beach is his favorite surf spot, but it is also the only spot that he has ever surfed. Bernard hopes the 2016 ISA Scholarship will expand his surfing horizons by giving him the opportunity to travel to the Ivory Coast to compete and also by allowing him to purchase his own surfboard. Bernard loves surfing with his friends and also playing the drums. He dreams of achieving a degree and becoming either a pilot or a surf instructor so he can provide for his family.


GHA – Frank Ayaa

GHA_Frank Ayaa

Frank Ayaa, sixteen-year-old surfer from Ghana, has a positive outlook on life and is always willing to try new things. Just over a year ago, Frank learned to surf and loves the exercise and how it gives him a sense of freedom. Frank recently competed for the first time in a contest organized on International Surfing Day and he placed fourth in the Junior division, beating others who have been surfing for much longer than he has. Frank dreams of completing college and getting a job as a tailor making clothes.

GHA – Joshua Bannor

GHA_Joshua Bannor

Joshua Bannor is from Kokrobite Beach, Ghana where there is an expanding tourism industry. When Joshua completes high school, he hopes to attend University where he can further his language skills in English and French and better communicate with the tourists in his community. Joshua desires to be an instructor for surfing, drumming, and dancing – three of his biggest passions. He lives with 11 others and the current household income limits his available resources, especially in education. The 2016 ISA Scholarship will assist him in furthering his education by paying for his school fees and books and allowing him to buy new surf equipment. Joshua says that surfing makes him feel free and he desires to share this freedom and passion with others as a surf instructor.

HAI – Samuel Jules

HAI_Samuel Jules

Sixteen year-old Haitian surfer, Samuel Jules, is an active member of Surf Haiti. Samuel participates regularly in activities by cleaning the beaches, mentoring new members, and teaching swimming and surfing. He is the eldest of his three siblings, all of which surf. The family’s income is not able to support all children’s’ education which is where the 2016 ISA Scholarship will come into play. The 2016 ISA Scholarship will open doors for Samuel by providing financial assistance to continue his schooling and buy new surf equipment. Samuel dreams of one day combining his passion with his career by having a job in the surf industry.

HAI – Ronald Lafond

HAI_Ronald Lafond

Surfing has inspired sixteen-year-old Ronald Lafond to have good behavior, stay focused in school, and follow his passions. Ronald works hard to succeed in school with the hopes that he can one day attend University and become an engineer. The 2016 ISA Scholarship will help to pay for Ronald’s schooling and put him on track to achieve his dream. From beach cleanups to mentoring new members in their surfing ability, Ronald actively participates in all activities organized by Surf Haiti.

HAI – Frantzy Andris


Eighteen-year-old Frantzy Andris has been a huge contribution to the success and growth of Surf Haiti. Frantzy tackles every challenge with a smile and is an inspiration to other surfers his age by demonstrating that you can enjoy surfing no matter what kind of board you ride. Due to financial hardships, Frantzy has not been able to get the quality education that he desires. However, now with the aid of the ISA Scholarship, Frantzy will be able to improve his educational opportunities with the hope of one day becoming an architect.

HAI – Guy Alex Jean

HAI_Guy Alex

At the young age of eighteen, Guy Alex Jean is the Vice President of Surf Haiti and is an exemplary role model to other surfers in his community of Kabik (near Jacmel, Haiti). In order to better his future and the financial situation of his family, Guy works an assortment of jobs including being a server at a restaurant/bar, a surf tour guide, English translator, and many more. With the financial help of the 2016 ISA Scholarship, Guy can focus more of his time on his studies so that he can one day fulfill his dream of becoming a doctor.

IND – Raju Silvadasan


Raju Silvadasan is from a small fishing village near Kovalam in India. Most boys Raju’s age neglect their studies in order to work and financially help their family. Six years ago, a social worker from Sebastian Indian Social Projects (SISP) visited Raju’s town and instilled in him the importance of a continued education. Through SISP and the Kovalam Surfclub, Raju is provided with surfboards to use at his leisure as long as he remains in school. Education is his motivation to continue his passion for surfing. Raju is currently preparing to take his 10th standard state exam so that he can enroll in the Engineering University of Kerala. The Indian government is currently planning on constructing an industrial harbor in the town of Kovalam that will expand the job opportunities in the area, especially for engineers. The standard state exam is a very expensive exam and one that Raju is unable to afford without the help of the 2016 ISA Scholarship. We wish Raju the best of luck on this exam and his journey to become an engineer!

IND – Clinton Fredy


Clinton Fredy is a seventeen-year-old who loves to learn. Like most of his peers, Fredy dropped out of school at an early age and until several years ago, lacked a role model or any motivation to re-enroll in school. Then, a teacher from Sebastian Indian Social Projects (SISP) approached Clinton and convinced him to join their school. Through SISP, Clinton learned about the Kovalam Surfclub and began surfing. He was inspired by several of his surfing peers to attend an ISA Coaching Course and will be using the 2016 ISA Scholarship funds to enroll in this course. According to Clinton, surfing is the best way to wash away her stress and worries and bring back joy into your life.

IND- Sinchana D Gowda


Until 2012, Sinchana D Gowda’s only contact with surfing had been through video clips on TV. Then in 2012, Sinchana’s swimming coach, Mr. Partha Varanashi, taught her how to surf on the beaches of Mangalore. Sinchana is now the top ranking surfer in India in the 14 & under division. The sport is very expensive in India and her mother is unable to support her financially. She plans to use the 2016 ISA scholarship money to buy her very own surfboard. With her little experience as a surfer, she has already proved herself as a talented surfer by winning three gold medals in surf competitions in India. She has a bright future ahead!

JAM- Selah McPhail


Selah McPhail of Kingston, Jamaica is an active member of the Jamaica Surfing Association. Selah has been surfing for several years and has competed in all of the Amateur ‘Grom’ events run by the Jamnesia Surf Club. Although Selah has not been surfing as long as some of his peers, he makes his presence known through his determination to improve with every session.

Selah has a strong family foundation, and his parents emphasize the importance of schooling, making good grades a prerequisite for surfing on the weekends. As such, Selah has excelled in both fields and continues to be a force to be reckoned with in both the line up and the classroom. Selah plans to use the ISA Scholarship to fund his education and further his surfing skills.

JPN – Kaishu Yamamoto


Kaishu Yamamoto is a thirteen-year-old surfer from Japan. Kaishu is currently in junior high where he is having to purchase new school uniforms, bags, books, and other educational fees that are very expensive for his family. The 2016 ISA Scholarship will help Kaishu’s family cover these educational costs and will also help alleviate some of his contest fees. According to Kaishu’s surf coach, Kaishu is a role model for his peers who is very hungry to win and improve his skills.

MAD – Baecker Badrouddine Adrianirina


Eighteen-year-old Baecker Badrouddine Adrianirina hails from the island nation of Madagascar. Currently, the sport of Surfing is in the very early development stages in Madagascar so access to equipment and resources is extremely limited. Baecker dreams of putting Madagascar on the global surfing stage and uplifting the sport in his country. He plans on attending college and then working to spread the sport of Surfing across the coastline of Madagascar.

MOR- Aboubakr Bouaouda


Aboubakr Bouaouda (aka Boubker) is a seventeen-year-old surfer from the North African country of Morocco. He has been the reigning Moroccan Surf Champion since 2012 and is considered the best Moroccan surfer of his generation. He has overcome a lot of adversity in his life as a young orphan that was raised by his brother. His adversities instill a drive in him to become a better student and surfer. According to Boubker, “surfing is like drinking water, you need to drink water to stay alive.” Morocco does not currently have the training structure that would be necessary to take Boubker’s surfing to the next level. With the 2016 ISA Scholarship, Boubker will be able to train and compete in Europe where he can further advance his skills. He also wishes to transfer schools where he can achieve a higher level of schooling that can prepare him for University.

NAM – Lars Kintscher


The Kintscher triplets, Lars, Nils, and Sören, are Namibia’s next generation of surfing talent. All three boys are active in sports and can be found surfing whenever they get the opportunity. With Nils winning the ISA Scholarship in 2013 and Sören winning in 2014, Lars is the third of the triplets to be awarded the ISA Scholarship to better his surfing and educational future. Lars plans to purchase a new surfboard and wetsuit so that he can keep up with his brothers and continue his passion for surfing. Pursuing an active lifestyle, Lars also enjoys swimming, playing squash and riding his bicycle. His favorite surf spot is Pebbles in Swakopmund.


NIC – Erick Cruz

NIC_Erick Cruz

Erick Cruz is a sixteen-year-old surfer from Nicaragua. He has grown up in very tough financial circumstances and works at a surf camp in order to buy food to support his family of 5. According to Sean Pearson, owner of the Playgrounds Surf Camp and fellow ISA Competitor, Erick is a very hard working individual with a passion and natural talent for surfing. The ISA Scholarship will aid him in his travels to contests in Nicaragua and future ISA World Championships.

PER – Daniella Rosas Vega

PER_Daniella Rosas
At fourteen years of age, Daniella Rosas Vega is a very motivated human being with goals of becoming World Champion. According to Daniella, “Surfing for me is everything, it is my life, my time to relax, my time to spend with friends. I dream of the surfing at night and it consumes my thoughts during the day. Surfing improves my life in many ways, respecting others, being kind when you win a championship, and helping others improve their surfing”. The 2016 ISA Scholarship will help Daniella attain her educational goals as well as help her progress her level of surfing.


RSA – Samukelisiswe Cele

RSA_Samukelisiswe Cele
Samukelisiswe Cele grew up surfing in Durban, South Africa with a fierce determination to be the best surfer she could. Sam Cele is a part of a small group of Zulu girls that surf and she desires to be a role model in her community by encouraging other Zulu girls to pursue surfing. At age sixteen, Sam has persevered as a surfer and has always remained positive and optimistic even when faced with the most difficult challenges. Her dream is to represent Surfing South Africa at the ISA World Junior Surfing Championship like her friend and fellow ISA Scholarship winner, Ntando Msibi did in 2014 and 2015. The 2016 ISA Scholarship will allow her to compete and train more to help her achieve this dream.

RSA – Paul Sampson Chudleigh

RSA_Paul Chudleigh
Paul Sampson Chudleigh moved to the beach in Cape Town, South Africa when he was nine years old. He went through a season living on the streets and one day borrowed a board from a stranger and experienced surfing for the first time. Paul said this made him feel free and from that moment, he knew that he wanted to surf as much as possible. When Paul was eleven years old, his mother passed away resulting in Paul being adopted. His new family was full of avid surfers that provided him with all the necessary gear to further his passion. He has been home-schooled by his adopted family and hopes to make a living off surfing when he is older. The 2016 ISA Scholarship Award will help him purchase books, surf equipment, and travel fees.

RSA – Angelo Faulkner

RSA_Angelo Faulkner

Fifteen-year-old Angelo Faulkner lives in the wave-rich city of Jeffrey’s Bay with his mother, grandmother, and brother. When he is not in school, Angelo can most likely be found surfing at Kitchen Windows or one of the other waves in Jeffrey’s Bay. Angelo desires to finish high school and go to college to study business management. He says that he is thankful that Surfing has taken him to different places in the country and has kept him on a good path away from temptations. Angelo plans on using the ISA scholarship to facilitate his education, pay for contest entry fees, and buy a new wetsuit.

TTO – Elton John

T&T_Elton John
Elton John lives in humble circumstances in the rural seaside community of Balandra, Trinidad and Tobago. Elton and his brother Jyiell, both two-time ISA Scholarship Winners, live in a household with 12 other individuals and are faced with financial insecurity and challenging domestic situations. Despite these challenges, Elton continues to work hard and be dedicated to his surfing and studies.

TTO – Jyiell Lewis

T&T Jyiell Lewis
Jyiell Lewis is a two-time ISA Scholarship Recipient from Trinidad and Tobago. Surfing has kept Jyiell off the streets in a community where there are high levels of primary school delinquency, drugs, and domestic violence. In 2015, Jyiell finished first in the Junior Division and fourth in the Open Men’s at the Trinidad and Tobago Nationals. He continues to overcome challenging situations to develop his surfing ability and keep up his grades at school.

TUR – Leon Arman Kapcik

TUR_Leon Arman Kapcik
Leon Arman Kapcik is from Turkey and learned to surf on borrowed equipment when he was nine years old with the guidance of some more experienced surfers in Turkey. Last year, Leon entered a surf competition in Turkey and won the youngest surfer award. Leon’s dream is to become a professional surfer and surf waves in Hawaii and Fiji. He has been using his brother’s surfboard and wetsuit but is eager to have his own gear. The ISA scholarship will help him buy his own surfboard and surf equipment and continue to improve his surfing in order to reach his goal.

URU – Agustín Zanotta

URU_Agustin Zanotta
Sixteen-year-old surfer Agustin Zanotta lives with his dad and brother in Uruguay. Agustin’s mother passed away when he was ten years old and this heartbreaking moment forced Agustin to grow up quickly. Agustin has overcome this tragic time and has grown into a strong individual who is determined to succeed in surfing and in life. In 2015 Agustin qualified for the ISA World Junior Surfing Championships but was unable to attend due to attend due to financial hardship. His 2016 ISA Scholarship will help him to travel to the upcoming ISA World Championships.

VEN – Daniel Piña

VEN_Daniel Pina
Daniel Piña hails from a small fishing village in Venezuela and is currently the top ranked surfer in his age group on the Venezuelan National Circuit. Family is very important to Daniel and he lives by the motto: “Families who surfs together stays together”. Last year Daniel qualified to represent Venezuela in the ISA World Junior Surfing Championship but was unable to attend due to the inability to afford the travel costs. With the assistance of the 2016 ISA Scholarship Award, Daniel hopes to be able to represent his country in future ISA World Championships.