2015 Nicaragua Unica Original ISA World Surfing Games Begin Sunday

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Nicaraguan Dignitaries, Nicaragua’s National Surfing Team, Country’s Top Media Outlets Attend Official Press Conference

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On Friday, May 29, the 2015 Nicaragua Unica Original ISA World Surfing Games presented by Lafise and Claro official press conference took place in the Hilton Hotel in Managua, Nicaragua. Representatives of Nicaragua’s leading TV, print and online media outlets filled the Press Conference room and posed questions to Nicaraguan Dignitaries as well as members of the Nicaragua’s National Surfing Team.

Press_Conference_ISA_Reed-7The President of the ISA Fernando Aguerre, local Nicaraguan dignitaries and the Nicaraguan National Surf Team all attended the Official Press Conference in Managua for the 2015 ISA World Surfing Games. Photo: ISA/Ben Reed

Those in attendance included ISA President Fernando Aguerre (via teleconference), President of the Nicaraguan Surfing Federation Carlos Deshon, Minister of Nicaraguan Tourism Mayra Salinas, Director General of the Nicaraguan Institute of Sports Marlon Torres, Vice President of the National Olympic Committee for Nicaragua María Antonieta Ocón, Second Police Chief Commissioner General Francisco Díaz, Local Event Organizer Lucy Valenti and Nicaraguan National Surfing Team athletes Valentina Resano and Rex Calderon.

ISA President Fernando Aguerre opened the forum saying, “I’m glad to return to Nicaragua because it’s a country with exceptional waves, which are a resource that will never run out. It’s the most renewable natural resource that truly doesn’t require any human activity. It’s simply taking care of the coast and the beaches to take advantage of those waves.”

Aguerre went on to speak about the solid relationship that has developed between the ISA and this Host Country of Nicaragua. “The alliance between the ISA and Nicaragua has produced excellent results. Nicaragua has become an important international surf destination. The revenue for the Nicaraguan economy as a result of this reorganization of its resources of waves, its incredible coast and its beautiful sites for visitors, are already an important part of today’s NIcaragua.”

Press_Conference_ISA_Reed-19Nicaraguan Minister of Tourism Mayra Salinas speaks about the importance of the sport of Surfing for the tourism industry of Nicaragua. Photo: ISA/Ben Reed

Minister of Nicaraguan Tourism Mayra Salinas later spoke about the outstanding opportunities that events such as ISA World Championships bring to their country. “It is evident that for Nicaragua events of this nature constitute an extraordinary opportunity for the advancement of tourism in Nicaragua, but also for the creation of job opportunities and well-being. Over the years we have been seeing, from the organization of world championships like this event, how it has stimulated the creation of schools, equipment and different enterprises that come to contribute to the welfare and prosperity in all of the coastal area.”

Valentina Resano, the 11-year-old female surfer from Team Nicaragua, voiced with wonderful poise the privilege that it is to represent her country in the an ISA World Championship. “It is an honor to be able to compete in these events that are so big and usually aren’t made for kids. My goal in this contest is to learn a lot for the next events when I am older and can win. For now, what I want to do is learn from the best. I am really happy. Hopefully this isn’t the last ISA World Championship that comes to Nicaragua.”

Press_Conference_ISA_Reed-22Nicaragua’s National Surf Team in full attendance at the press conference and sharing their excitement for the upcoming ISA World Championship. Photo: ISA/Ben Reed

The 2015 Nicaragua Unica Original ISA World Surfing Games begin Sunday, May 31 with the Opening Ceremony featuring the Parade of Nations and Sands of the World Ceremony. All 32 National Teams and nearly 200 Athletes and Team Officials will gather and parade around the vibrant town of Rivas in Nicaragua.

During the Opening Ceremony, each National Delegation will participate in the Sands of the World Ceremony. They will take to the stage waving their national flag while pouring sand from their local beach into a glass container, symbolizing the peaceful gathering of nations through the love of surfing.

On Monday the action in the water starts and the live webcast begins at 8:00am local time.

Monday, 8:00am Playa Popoyo, Nicaragua
Monday, 7:00am Los Angeles, USA
Monday, 11:00am Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Monday, 4:00pm Paris, France
Tuesday, 12:00am Sydney, Australia

Tune into the live webcast here.