2015 ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship- Open Registration Nomination

From September 24-27, 2015 the ISA will be running the inaugural ISA World Adaptive Surfing Championship. This competition will field the best adaptive surfers in the world through each participating National Surfing Federation.

In order to create equal opportunities for Adaptive Surfers worldwide, each National Federation was allowed to field up to 6 athletes in the initial registration period that ended June 30. There are only a handful of remaining spaces available in the competition. To fill these remaining space, the ISA will be offering special inaugural invitations for additional adaptive surfers to register. In order to be invited, an official “Athlete Invite Nomination Form” must be completed and submitted by an athlete or ISA National Surfing Federation. This prestigious invite is to honor athletes who have demonstrated excellence in adaptive surfing and the promotion of the sport.

Excellence exhibited within the following criteria is used to aid in the selection of the athletes: Surfing Federation endorsement, Athleticism in the sport of surfing, Sportsmanship, and promotion of the sport as an Adaptive Surfing Ambassador. After candidates have been nominated, the ISA Adaptive Surfing Committee will vote to determine the surfers to be invited.

Eligibility for Nomination

The following guidelines are to be used to determine the recipient(s):

SURFING FEDERATION ENDORSEMENT – Nominees will spend most of their time living and/or competing within their designated Surfing Federation’s team, events, or similar. All athletes in the Open Registration will compete under the banner of their National Surfing Federation.

ATHLETICISM – Nominees will have participated in elite level surfing events over the course of the selected time period. Nominees will have demonstrated excellence in athleticism in the sport of surfing. Any athletic awards received during the selected time period will be taken into consideration.

SPORTSMANSHIP- Nominees will have demonstrated excellence in sportsmanship and conducted himself/herself in a manner that sets a positive example for their Surfing Federation and all participants during the selected time period.

ADAPTIVE SURFING AMBASSADOR- Nominees will have demonstrated excellence in the promotion and forward movement of adaptive surfing during the selected time period.