The 2015 Canadian National SUP and Prone Paddleboard Team Unveiled

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The Canadian Surfing Association proudly announces the 2015, Canadian National SUP and Prone Paddleboard Team.


SUP Race:             Lina Augaitis

SUP Surf:              Diane Wenzel

Prone Race:           Shannon Bell

Canada’s Lina Augaitis on the final stretch to win the Women’s SUP Long Distance Race Gold Medal in Nicaragua at the 2014 ISA World SUP and Padleboard Championship. Photo: ISA/Michael Tweddle


SUP Race:            Tamas Buday, Jr., Stu Robinson (technical) and Matt Abbott (distance)

SUP Surf:             Heath Thompson and  Stuart Robinson

Prone Race:          Roch Frey and Dan Michaluk

The Team will be representing Canada at the 2015 ISA SUP and Prone Paddleboard Championships, May 10 – 17, in Sayulita, Mexico.  ISA WSUPPC, recognized by the International Olympic Committee, has witnessed explosive growth since the inaugural event in 2012. It has nearly tripled in athlete participation from 105 to 277 and grown from 17 to 27 countries in its first three editions in all divisions.

This will be Canada’s 3rd appearance at ISA WSUPPC.  The Team has performed well in the past two years winning multiple medals by both Lina Augaitis and Shannon Bell, and placing 10th overall in 2013.  But this year will set the bar as it’s the first time Canada will arrive with a full roster!

Women SUP Long Disyance_ISA_Rommel_Gonzales_15Gold Medalist, Lina Augaitis will return to defend her title. Photo: ISA/Rommel Gonzales

The Canadian Team is a ‘who’s who’ list of outstanding athletes including: SUP World Champion – Lina Augaitis;  ISA SUP and Prone medalist – Shannon Bell;  Paddlesurf National Champions – Heath Thompson and Diane Wenzel;  former SUP National Champion – Stu Robinson;  former Olympian – Tamas Buday, Jr.;  and Ironman – Roch Frey.  Rounding out the Team are SUP and Prone racers Matt Abbott and Dan Michaluk.  Although newer to their respective disciplines, these two strong athletes can definitely hold their own.

Representation from The Great White North will be strong this year and Canada has lofty goals of winning both individual and Team medals.  Look out ISA SUP and Prone Paddleboard Championships – Canada is bringing its Eh Team!

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