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The surfing industry in India took a huge development step forward with running it’s first ever International Surfing Association (ISA) Level 1 Surf Instructor qualification course combined with safety and rescue training and practical instructing in a five day long intensive professional workshop. The ISA… Read More »

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Atentos jóvenes surfistas que arranca el invierno Discovering Surfing Talents con su Copa LEVIS Después de dos meses de receso  regresa el circuito juvenil e infantil de surf que todos esperaban, Discovering Surfing Talents.  Este circuito que reúne a los mejores surfistas menores de 18… Read More »

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Source: Surfer Magazine “Senegal, you may remember from The Endless Summer, has some pretty good surf. In 1964, Bruce Brown and company were bummed that their hotel in Dakar was super expensive: $30 per day. Safe to say, the prices are probably higher today, but… Read More »

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Source: Federación Chilena de Surf Del 4 al 6 de agosto, La Ciudad de la Eterna Primavera recibirá la séptima fecha del Circuito Nacional, el Huntington Pro 2014 presentado por Cerveza Corona. Por primera vez en la historia, la mítica ola “El Gringo” será el… Read More »

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“Surfing Might Have Its Olympic Moment Thanks To Wave Technology” On the new ESPN The Magazine Body issue, check out the great article on the latest wave pool technology that can help surfing become an Olympic sport. Pick up a copy to read the full… Read More »