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Source : The Guardian “It’s DJ Shocker!” someone shouts, pointing towards the stage, where a young man is standing behind a rented 1990s desktop computer flanked by two gigantic palm trees. “You gotta listen to this guy,” I’m told. “He’s a local electrician.” It’s Saturday night… Read More »

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The surfing industry in India took a huge development step forward with running it’s first ever International Surfing Association (ISA) Level 1 Surf Instructor qualification course combined with safety and rescue training and practical instructing in a five day long intensive professional workshop. The ISA… Read More »

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Atentos jóvenes surfistas que arranca el invierno Discovering Surfing Talents con su Copa LEVIS Después de dos meses de receso  regresa el circuito juvenil e infantil de surf que todos esperaban, Discovering Surfing Talents.  Este circuito que reúne a los mejores surfistas menores de 18… Read More »