Tahiti Nui ISA World Kneeboard Championship – FINAL DAY Photos and Results

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The Tahiti Nui ISA World Kneeboard Championship crowned its champions this past Sunday July 21, in the waves of Teharu’u, Tahiti

Below are the Final Results and photos of the last day of competition, along with the Awards Ceremony. Thanks Tahiti for hosting this great World Championship.

For Individual and Team Standings CLICK HERE

Grand Masters Medalists:  Silver Medal: David HERNANDEZ (ESP), Gold Medal: Gérome BLANCO (FRA), Bronze Medal: Lucas CASTELLANOS (VEN), Copper Medal: Erwan JADE (FRA)

Senior Men Medalists: Silver Medal: Hamish CHRISTOPHER (NZ) Gold Medal: Shayne SIMPSON (AUS), Bronze Medal: Norbert SENESCAT (FRA), Copper Medal: Matthew NOVAKOV (AUS)

Open Women Medalists: Silver Medal: Rebecca Heemi (NZ) Gold Medal: Karelle POPPKE (TAH), Bronze Medal: Maria Eugenia ROJAS (VEN), Copper Medal: Patricia ROSSI (TAH)

Junior Girls Medalists: Silver Medal: Eloise Stevens (NZ), Gold Medal: Karelle POPPKE (TAH), Bronze Medal: Emma Croton (NZ)

Kahuna’s Medalists: Silver Medal: Steve Croton (NZ), Gold Medal: Pascal LUCIANI (TAH), Bronze Medal: Tehei TUAHINE (TAH), Copper Medal: Maui SANFORD (TAH)

Women Masters: Silver Medal: Patricia ROSSI (TAH), Gold Medal: Maria Eugenia ROJAS (VEN), Bronze Medal: Casey Stevens (NZ), Copper Medal: Rebecca Heemi (NZ)

Masters Medalists: Silver Medal: Denny MENDOZA (VEN), Gold Medal: Ruben GUTIERREZ (SPA), Bronze Medal: David VELASQUEZ (VEN), Copper Medal: Armando A.COLUCCI (VEN)

Open Men Medalists: Silver: Hamish Christophers (NZ), Gold: David PARKES (AUS), Bronze: Chayne SIMPSON (AUS), Copper: Michael NOVAKOV (AUS)

Junior Boys U-18: Silver: Thomas NOVAKOV (AUS), Gold: Yoisis DELGADO (VEN), Bronze: Lachlan Stevens (NZL), Copper: Maukino Skelton (NZL)

Grand Kahuna Medalists: Silver: Terry DAY (AUS), Gold: David PARKES (AUS), Bronze: Michael NOVAKOV (Aus), Copper: Baden SMITH (AUS)

ROBB (Really Old Big Boys) Over 55: Silver: Murray WEIR (NZ), Gold: Philippe KLIMA (TAH), Bronze: Paul Christophers (NZ), Copper: Kenny STAPLETON (AUS)

Tag Team Medalists: Silver: Australia, Gold: Venezuela, Bronze: Tahiti, Copper: New Zealand.