Surf Longer: Advice from the pros

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Dr. Joel Steinman unveils his brand new book, Surfing & Health, an accumulation of knowledge gained in the water, training pros and combined with modern science and medicine.

Dr. Joel Steinman wants what everyone wants; to surf longer, harder and better. However, very few of us can combine professional modern medicine, years in the water and a lifetime of training pros to produce a veritable encyclopedia of information to help you achieve your goals. Dr. Joel Steinman has put all of this together to produce a complete A-to-Z guide covering subjects surfers need to be aware of: common injuries and how to treat them, nutrition, preventing skin cancer, hypothermia and even shark attacks. 

Therefore, it is with great pleasure that the ISA recommends Surfing & Health for individuals interested in furthering their surfing education. Dr. Joel Steinman combines 38 years of surfing experience and 25 years as a medical professional to provide surfers with priceless information that if applied, is sure to improve health in and out of the water, prevent injuries and allow you to surf longer year after year.

Joel Steinman is a specialized sports medicine doctor with extensive experience in acupuncture and manual medicine.

He is the director and professor of Pilates and Functional Rehabilitation at the Tao Pilates Institute of Sports Medicine in Brazil and has been the Medical Director of the Brazilian Surfing Confederation and Professional Surfing Competitions in Brazil (ASP World Tour).