Second Edition of the South American Beach Games to Take Place in Manta, Ecuador this December

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Olympic Flags fly high at the surfing event of the South American Beach Games’ first edition, held in Punta del Este, Uruguay. Photo: ISA/Tournier

The second edition of the South American Beach Games, organized by the South American Sports Organization (ODESUR), will take place in the city of Manta, Ecuador from December 2 to 11. Surfing will once again be part of the sports program of the event.

Over 50 surfers from seven countries will be travelling to compete for the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. They will travel as part of their National Teams along with their fellow athletes from other disciplines, some of which are part of the Summer Olympics Games.

“We are excited to see surfers included in the National Olympic Committee teams for the South American Beach Games,” said Fernando Aguerre, President of the ISA. “As an essential part of the beach and youth culture around the world, it makes total sense that surfing is included in these Games.”

The Ecuadorian Surfing Federation (FES), along with the International Surfing Association, will be in charge of the surfing competition of the event.

“This is a true honor for the FES. By helping in the organization of this Olympic Movement event, FES is supporting the ISA campaign to have Surfing in the Olympics. It is the sport’s most important movement that one can support,” said Manolo Lozano, President of the FES.

“The planning for this edition of the South American Beach Games began in 2009. The National Olympic Committee, the National Government, the Sports Bureau, the State of Manabí, the County of Manta, the Ecuadorian sports federations and others are involved in the organization of the Games, as a demonstration of the importance of this event,” ended Lozano.

Surfing, along with Handball, Water Ski, Beach Soccer, Open Water Swimming, Beach Rugby, Triathlon, Sailing and Beach Volleyball will make up the Sports Program of the second edition of the South American Beach Games.

This is another step on the long path towards Surfing’s participation in the Olympic Games, which was first requested by three-times Olympic gold medalist and Father of Modern Surfing, Duke Kahanamoku in 1920. In October 2008, Surfing debuted in the first ever Beach Games, held in Bali, Indonesia. Surfing was the most popular sport according to visitors’ votes on the official event webpage. The first ever South American Beach Games followed with great success in Punta del Este, Uruguay, 2009. We’ll see the best of South American surfing again in Manta, Ecuador this December.

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