amazing performances on display for the opening day of the ISA’s Hainan Classic, 4-star Men’s ASP

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Day One of the Contest Takes Place at the Picturesque Left Point Break at Riyue Bay

After two days of the ISA China Cup held in small beach break waves, the swell finally arrived as predicted by Official Forecaster, Surfline, with waist to chest high waves that peeled down the left point break at Wanning’s Riyue Bay. Day 1 of the Hainan Classic, 4-Star Men’s ASP, the second event of the ISA’s Hainan Wanning Riyue Bay International Surfing Festival, saw pumping waves that greeted the world’s best surfers for the opening day of competition.

Japan´s Hiroto Arai powered through his heat with turns like this and attaining one of the most impressive heat scores of the day. Photo: ISA/Tweddle

The improving surf conditions allowed for the Opening Day of the Hainan Classic to be held at the left point break made famous in 2012 during the first edition of this event.

Today, Riyue Bay showed signs of its true potential.  Even though the wind and weather conditions were not ideal, the wave offered multiple turn sections with steep walls for airs and other critical maneuvers.

“I’m very happy the swell has picked up and we are able to run the competition on the point at Riyue Bay,” remarked ISA President Fernando Aguerre. “While the surf today is not as perfect as a year ago, the waves and the rides are long, the performance level is high, and the competition has been strong. I’m amazed at how good the young Chinese surfers have become in just one year since the ISA first came to China. Good luck to all of the competitors in the final days of the Hainan Classic.”

The standouts of the day were Carlos Zapata (PER), who had the highest combined heat score of the day totaling 17.50, Hiroto Arai (JPN) with the second highest heat score, 16.77, and Maxime Huscenot (FRA) with the third highest heat score of the day, and also the highest single wave score of the day, 9.47.

Day 1 saw the completion of Round 1 and the first 4 heats of Round 2. When competition resumes on Tuesday at 7:40am starting with the ISA Morning Show, the remaining 12 heats of Round 2 plus 8 heats of Round 3, featuring the likes of former ASP World Champion Sunny Garcia and current ASP World Tour Surfer Glenn Hall, will be surfed.

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Here is the schedule:
Tuesday, 7:40am China
Monday, 3:40pm West Coast USA
Tuesday, 12:40am Western Europe
Tuesday, 10:40am Sydney Australia