ISA Committees

The ISA has established committees that focus on specific areas pertaining to the growth and development of the sport of surfing. Each committee is self-funded and presided over by the ISA President, Mr. Fernando Aguerre. The ISA thanks all committee members for their hard work in working toward a better surfing future!


The ISA Executive Committee is comprised of the ISA President and four Vice Presidents. Its mission is to define ISA strategies and plans of action, “For a Better Surfing Future.” The Executive Committee works with the ISA staff throughout the year to develop future plans.

As of the 2006 ISA Biennial General Meeting, which was held in conjunction with the World Surfing Games in Huntington Beach, California, it was determined that all Executive Committee members will be elected to serve four-year terms, alternating two Vice Presidents to be re-elected every even-numbered year.

At the 2010 ISA Biennial General Meeting, Fernando Aguerre of Argentina was re-elected as President for another four-year term. He was first elected in 1994 during the World Surfing Games, held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is currently serving his eighth consecutive term as President.

As of 2012, the four elected Vice Presidents are Alan Atkins of Australia, Karin Sierralta of Peru, Debbie Beacham of the United States, and Layne Beachley of Australia.

The Executive Committee also has two non-elected members, ISA Director General Bob Mignogna and ISA Contest Director Marcos “Bukao” Esmanhoto.


The ISA Technical Committee is responsible for enhancing the competitive rules for the sport of surfing and all other wave riding sports as well as making the appropriate edits and enhancements to the ISA Rule Book each year. The Technical Committee also provides technical assistance at all ISA events and offers advice to ISA Members.

ISA President Fernando Aguerre oversees the Technical Committee; other members include: Alan Atkins, Marcos “Bukao” Esmanhoto, Robin de Kock, and Karin Sierralta.