ISA World Longboard Surfing Championship

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ALL TEAMS MUST BE APPROVED BY THEIR NATIONAL FEDERATION. Each National Team has their own qualification process. If you are an athlete interested in competing and would like to inquire about qualification process with your respective National Surfing Federation, please visit our Membership Directory for contact information.

Representation The ISA will ONLY accept a valid passport from the country the athlete is representing as proof of nationality for participation in World Championship events. The only exception is for National Identification cards issued by the National Government of the team country that clearly shows “Nationality or Citizenship.” Note: Such a card showing place of birth but not Nationality or Citizenship of the athlete will not be accepted as place of birth does not provide automatic citizenship in many countries. The ISA will not accept any other form of government documentation supporting a passport or eligibility of passport to verify nationality. This policy will be implemented immediately and has been updated in the ISA rulebook. Once a competitor has surfed for a country in any ISA event, he/she generally may not surf for another country at future ISA sanctioned International Events. If an athlete is allowed to represent a second nation based on the conditions set forth in Paragraph b of

By-Laws to rule outlined below, he/she may not change back to representing his/her original country. Special exemptions may be considered, however, after presentation to the Executive Committee at least three (3) months prior to the start of any ISA sanctioned event. Requests for exemption will only be considered if received in writing through the affiliated NGB to the Executive Committee via the ISA office, with certified copies of all relevant documentation (passport, letters from/to National Sports Organizations or Home Affairs Offices, etc) accompanying representation. *Please see the ISA rulebook for By-Laws.

Passports & Visas Please check with your travel agent or your Foreign Affairs Department for requirements. You can also get additional visa information by clicking HERE . Visitors must provide evidence of return or onward travel in the form of an itinerary or air ticket.

Travel Vaccines Please contact your Foreign Affairs Department for further information.