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Individual Gold Medalists Are Eder Luciano From Brazil In Open Men’s, Neymara Carvalho From Brazil In Open Women’s, Jefferson Bustos From Costa Rica In Junior Boys Under-18, Glorielys Oropeza From Venezuela In Junior Girls Under-18 And Luis Rodriguez From Venezuela In Dropknee. Team Venezuela Wins The ISA Aloha Cup.

Following four amazing days of great waves and exciting Bodyboarding performances, the 2013 ISA World Bodyboard Championship in Playa Parguito, Venezuela, is officially over.

Brazil will go down in the history books as the Gold Medal Team of the 2013 ISA World Bodyboard Championship.

The individual division winners are: Eder Luciano from Brazil in Open Men’s, Neymara Carvalho from Brazil in Open Women’s, Jefferson Bustos from Costa Rica in Junior Boys Under-18, Glorielys Oropeza from Venezuela in Junior Girls Under-18 and Luis Rodriguez from Venezuela in Dropknee. Team Venezuela wins The ISA Aloha Cup.


Brazil, the 2013 ISA World Bodyboard Team Champions, was presented the Team Champion Trophy and Gold Medals. Photo: ISA/Ortega

“I hope that everyone has had an excellent stay in Margarita Island, enjoyed the Venezuelan hospitality, and that you will take home great memories of the people, the waves, and this incredible championship, remarked ISA President Fernando Aguerre.” I would like to thank the Venezuelan Surfing Federation (FVS), all the authorities from the public, national, regional, and municipal sectors, plus all the sponsors. I would like to especially thank FVS President Antonio Sotillo.”

President Aguerre continued, “Special congratulations to all of the medalists. Also to everyone that participated in this Championship because you are all Champions, by competing as members of your National Bodyboard Team. See you next year!”

The excellent waves of Playa Parguito continued during the last day of competition. The surf conditions remained highly contestable with waves in the 2-3 feet range and consistent swell as the previous days, allowing the Grand Finalists to perform at the highest level.

Brazil’s Eder Luciano won the Open Men’s Gold Medal earning a total score of 14.50. This is the second consecutive Gold Medal the Brazilian has won at the ISA World Bodyboard Championship. Photo: ISA/ Ortega

The Final Day of began with the Open Men’s Repechage Final, where the Brazilians Roberto Bruno (12.70) and Eder Luciano (12.53) sent home the local Venezuelans Sergio Alonso (11.80) and Leoylan Montesinos (10.46), advancing to the Grand Final.

The first Grand Final was the Junior Girls U-18, in which the Venezuelan Glorielys Oropeza won the Gold Medal, earning a total score of 10.16, defeating Chile’s Catalina Hernandez, who earned 7.03 and the Silver Medal.

Glorielys Oropeza (VEN) Junior Girls U-18 ISA World Champion. Photo: ISA/Ortega

The next Grand Final was the Junior Boys U-18. Costa Rica’s Jeferson Bustos won de Gold Medal, earning a total score of 14.04. Despite the Venezuelan Luis Briceño’s strong performance throughout the whole event, he fell just short in the final, earning 10.23 and the Silver Medal. Brazil’s Marcyus Thompson won the Bronze Medal, earning 9.37, and Chile’s Gonzalo Espinosa (8.30) the Copper Medal.

Jefferson Bustos (CRI) Junior Boys U-18 ISA World Champion. Photo:ISA/Ortega

In the Dropknee Final, Venezuela’s Luis Rodriguez won the Gold Medal, earning a total score of 13.87, defeating Silver Medalist William Fallas (CRI, 10.54), Bronze Medalist Renato Arellano, (CHI, 9.76), and Copper Medalist Jose Manuel Henriquez (DOM, 7.54).

Luis Rodriguez (VEN) Dropknee ISA World Champion. Photo: ISA/Ortega

In the Open Women’s Final, Brazil’s Neymara Carvalho won the Gold Medal earning a total score of 11.83, defeating Silver Medalist Luz Marie Grande (PUR, 8,90), after a hard fought battle for second place against Bronze Medalist Giselle Caselli (CHI, 8.96) and Copper Medalist Lumar Guittard (VEN, 8.24)

Neymara Carlvalho Open Women’s Bodyboard ISA World Champion. Photo: ISA/Ortega

In the Open Men’s Final, Brazil’s Eder Luciano won the Gold Medal earning a total score of 14.50. This is the second consecutive Gold Medal the Brazilian has won at the ISA World Bodyboard Championship. His teammate Roberto Bruno (11.60), won the Silver Medal, Gabriel Brantes from Chile won the Bronze Medal with a score of 11.13 and Venezuela’s Enyer Moncada earned the Copper Medal (9.14).

Eder Luciano (BRA) Open Men’s Bodyboard ISA World Champion. Photo ISA/Ortega.

The last event of the 2013 ISA World Bodyboard Championship was the ISA Aloha Cup, a tag-team relay race competition.

The Aloha Cup Final was held between Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica and Venezuela. Team Venezuela won the Gold Medal, showing great strategy and high-level bodyboarding. Gold Medalist Luis Rodriguez, Silver Medalists Luis Briceño, Copper Medalists Lumar Guittard and Sergio Alonzo formed Venezuelan Team. In front of the local fans, Venezuela defeated Brazil (Silver Medal), Costa Rica (Bronze Medal) and Chile (Copper Medal).

Team Venezuela ISA World Cup Gold Medalists. Photo ISA/Ortega

The Closing Ceremony was held right after featuring the awards presentation to put an end to this amazing four days of competition in one of the most iconic breaks in Venezuela and Latin America.

The dignitaries present at the Closing Ceremony were Gaetano “Nino” Lauro, ISA Technical Director, Antonio Sotillo, Venezuelan Surfing Federation (FVS) President and local organizer of the ISA WBC, plus Yeseira Perdomo, Representative of Venezuela´s National Anti-Drug Office of Nueva Esparta State.

Official Results:

Final Team Standings:

1 – Brazil – 9,585

2 – Venezuela – 9,119

3 – Chile – 8,189

4 – Costa Rica – 6,595

5 – Argentina – 4,813

6 – Dominican Republic – 4,579

7 – Ecuador – 1,933

8 – Morocco – 1,500

9 – Puerto Rico – 860

Open Men’s:

Eder Luciano (BRA), Gold Medal
Roberto Bruno (BRA), Silver Medal
Gabriel Brantes (CHI), Bronze Medal
Enyer Moncada (VEN), Copper Medal

Open Women’s

Neymara Carvalho (BRA), Gold Medal
Luz Marie “Loly” Grande (PUR), Silver Medal
Giselle Caselli (CHI), Bronze Medal
Lumar Guittard (VEN), Copper Medal

Junior Boys Under 18:

Jefferson Bustos (CRI), Gold Medal
Luis Briceño (VEN), Silver Medal
Marcyus Thompson (BRA), Bronze Medal
Gonzalo Espinoza (CHI), Copper Medal

Junior Girls Under 18:

Glorielys Oropeza (VEN), Gold Medal
Catalina Hernández (CHI), Silver Medal


Luis Rodríguez (VEN), Gold Medal
William Fallas (CRI), Silver Medal
Renato Arellano (CHI), Bronze Medal
José M Henríquez (DOM), Copper Medal

ISA Aloha Cup:

Venezuela – 56.01, Gold Medal
Brazil – 50.26, Silver Medal
Costa Rica – 30.26, Bronze Medal
Chile – 29.56, Copper Medal

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