Disciplines governed by the ISA include Surfing, StandUp Paddle (SUP) Racing and Surfing, Bodysurfing, Bodyboarding, Wakesurfing, and all other wave riding activities on any type of waves, and on flat water using wave riding equipment.

Shortboard Surfing 

Shortboard Surfing features high performance and progressive maneuvers, including rail turns, airs, and barrel rides. Shortboard Surfing is included in the ISA World Surfing Games, ISA World Junior Surfing Championship, and ISA World Masters Surfing Championship.

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SUP Racing

In StandUp Paddle (SUP) Racing athletes stand on an adapted surfboard with higher volume and use a paddle to propel the board. It can be practiced on flat water or in the ocean. Races types can vary from 20km distance courses, technical courses with beach starts, to intense short distance sprints. SUP Racing is included in the ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship.


SUP Surfing

SUP Surfing also involves a surfboard with greater volume to maintain the board afloat as the surfer stands on it. The paddle is used to enter the waves and is utilized for balance while performing maneuvers on the wave. SUP Surfing is featured in the ISA World SUP and Paddleboard Championship.



Longboard is a form of Surfing practiced on boards typical at least 9 feet in length, where athletes walk the board and also display high performance maneuvers. Longboard Surfing is included in the ISA World Longboard Surfing Championship.



Bodyboard is practiced on a soft, short board with no fins. The athlete wears swim fins to aid their entry into the wave where they perform rolls, spins, aerial maneuvers and barrel rides. Bodyboard is featured in the ISA World Bodyboard Championship.